HAPPINESS Consulting was established in 2003 in Europe by SEAL | Szilard Fodor Phd hc., who previously acted as a board member of several multinational companies like Canon, Samsung, NBCUniversal. Today HC works as a Know-How & Brand Franchise, that is applied by several Trainers & Consultants, worldwide.


Everyone is motivated by different things and in the same time we all want to be happy.


We believe and see, that happy people are doing better, perform better, are more successful, in a healthy and sustainable way. We believe in the Human Quality Movement.


Happiness Consulting helps to improve Happiness factors – the key element of Human Quality Movement – performing Happiness Improvement Programs in which apply Happy Mindset Tools and Awareness Intelligence (AQ) Tools.


We offer evidence-based and specifically designed training programs and public trainings to improve contentment, engagement, performance, sustainability, well-being, happiness and quality of life. Through comprehensive organisational consulting, we design and implement organisational experiences that enables the enhancement and change of positive micro or macro cultures.


Master Black Belt Consultants of Happiness Consulting show the qualities of a magician-sage archetype, mastering their life and work.


They have the ability to coach you and help you to lead those whom you are They perform tailor-made trainings based on assessments. responsible of towards positivity, happiness and better performance. Due to the depth of their training, they are polyhistors of health and body processes, the meaning of symbols we face in our daily life, complexity theories like systems thinking and adaptive systems, neuroscience, epigenetics, philosophy, healing traumas, measuring and analysing happiness factors, mind-material related parts of quantum physics, frequencies and vibrations, positive psychology and performing mental entrainment. They deeply understand the essence and power of positivity, human values, morality, and happy human existence. They face non-positivity, reveal it and dissolve it without any political correctness - as you would expect it from a friend that is protecting you. With keeping their good motivation they even show you the way to transform negativity to positivity inside yourself and outside in the world. Black Belts Consultants of Happiness Consulting have closely the same qualities.


of Partners Happiness Consulting like Training & Consulting Agencies and Individual trainers may obtain the Green Belt levels of happiness certificate that entitles them to provide Happy Mindset 1 and 2 standardised trainings.

We are an international team.

Happiness Consulting
•    supplies knowledge and tools for sustainable happiness
•    improves the level of contentment, engagement, loyalty and well-being
•    delivers windows of openness for positive change
•    supports performance increase and growth

by using well known, well proved and widely used tools AND adding on our unique assessments delivered by our comprehensive Happiness Improvement Program.

Is this all magic? In contrary, this is all applied science, that leaders and people are getting used to - and only a little bit of spice of magic :) -.


Happiness was always the key, we just have not seen it. Like natives of remote places may think that people arriving with helicopters are gods, the same way it is true, that the best performance can only unfold when people are happy.


Happiness Consulting carries an all-inclusive science and mastery of happiness with a vision of contributing to the transmission to a happy & aware society.

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