Start from the
happiness perspective!

Happiness Consulting believes that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, to cultivate their best qualities, and to enhance their experiences of a happy and meaningful life and work.
Happiness approach holds the view of life and works with a top-down principle, viewing things from the highest point of happiness. As ‘we become the food you eat’, our mindset becomes similar with the things we are dealing with. It is a given fact that the mirror neurons in our brain aim to recognize and track those things to a greater extent on which we focus on.
When we look for and develop happiness, we and our environment becomes happier, as shown by the Cognitive Bias Modification / CBM method of Essex University. Our brain rewires itself by the limitless powers of neuroplasticity towards the qualities it focuses on and the Reticular Activation System will make only positive stamps of subconscious impressions when we are aware to surround us with positivity.  Life events also change our DNA, the science studied by epigenetics. When we manage to see things with a so called open and engaged focus, our amygdala will not get triggered to start the HPA Axis stress process. This harmonises our brain hemispheres and brain waves, that result the increased activity of both left – rational – and right –associative – hemispheres. We perform our tasks better. Transforming developmental traumas and their effects on daily life open up all our doors and windows towards facing and experiencing a happy world – this makes the ancient reptilian dorsal-vagal freezing stress responses unnecessary, if we had any. Our hippocampus will recall only good impressions and harmony.  Awareness of our cognitive biases and perceptions let us see things as they are and make us able to consciously choose happiness. This opens up different sections of our genes that unfold a great list of our qualities. We learn inner and outer ways of increasing the levels of the different happiness hormones. A happy perspective changes our body, work and life.
This is an opportunity for learning and change. Higher and higher performance enfolds as we walk up the different levels of happy mindset as we experience more contentment, engagement, well-being and happiness. The shortcut and the real boost for happiness and high performance is to change the viewpoint from the traditional views to a happiness perspective. As this transforms into actions, it pulls a person to the highest possible level of their development. The surplus of contentment yield into empathic engagement, empathic engagement transforms to a wise well-being, and well-being enfolds more and more un-conceptional happiness.
The decision to be happy, doing things which make us happy, is the source of growth and development of inner human qualities, and based on that, of an outer prosperity as well.Happiness Consulting helps to improve all areas and factors of happiness, thus supporting the Human Quality Movement.