“The education of attention would be an education par excellence.” —William James


Our lives, our experiences, our happiness, and everything we know are determined by how we use our awareness and how we pay attention to it. Not only does a heightened awareness improve personal management, leadership skills, and performance; it also lifts entire corporations to higher levels of productivity and creates a sustainable and joyful work environment.


Awareness Intelligence (AQ) is the innate nature of mind that can be attentive to any motion – perception, thought, feeling – that appears in the space of our consciousness. Gaining a practice in Awareness Intelligence, all levels of Happy Mindset become a choice of decision.

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Gaining a practice in Awareness Intelligence, all levels of Happy Mindset become a choice of decision.


On the basis of Happy & Aware Leadership Training, as a second step we offer the Awareness Intelligence (AQ) Leadership Training. It strengthens the Physical & Physiological Awareness, meaning our attention to the world around us, outer tendencies and also one’s own behavior. This makes us able to recognise these - and other - patterns within our own organisation.


This level is required first, before we dive into the Social & Interpersonal Awareness, which is the attentiveness during social interactions - in business and personal life - and in communication.



The key in today’s multicultural and complex organizations and societies is to be able to understand and handle complexity. Leaders need a developed sense to recognize habitual, socio-cultural and mental patterns that have certain tendencies amongst managers and within the wide organization. Precise decision-making needs the wide understanding of Process & Tendency Awareness.


The deapest level of Awareness is about recognisig how mental patterns, emotions and thoughts appear in our mind and instead of letting them take over our consciousness we learn to be able to decide whether we want to get engaged with them or not.

Open and Curiously Engaged Awareness dives into the deepest qualities of consciousness; it implies includes the widely studied elements of mindfulness applied to the business environment, the Open Focus Brain method of Neurologist and Psychiatrist Dr. Les Fehmi.

Mindfulness is being used by several top Fortune 500 companies, like Google, IBM, Yahoo, GE, Ford, Apple, Nike, 3M and Toyota. It is a major domain of neuroscientific research, and a hot topic in top-class sports and contemplative thought. Social scientists and economists, as well as top business leaders are discovering the vast potential of this kind of training.
The Open Focus Brain method is a more active version of mindfulness, which can be applied to reduce mental & psychological and even physical pain.  This has been demonstrated in clinical studies.

Neurosculpting method is used to rewrite the brain pattern like a computer rewrites its hard disk. I uses the neuroplasticity qualities of the brain and it can be applied even for transforming traumas to positive impressions and views.

The Open and Curiously Engaged Awareness training method of Happiness Consulting combines the benefit of these methods and adds a spice of trauma handling and happy mindset orientation.

Responsible leaders must use their qualities and powers for only positive purpose, we provide Awareness Intelligence is integrated into the Happy Mindset Leadership Training.


Awareness Intelligence gives the link between consciousness, happiness and success, and shows its application to businesses and in everyday life. The four-level training was developed on the basis of the well-established Iceberg Model of Edgar Schein; it integrates many different tools and concepts including the philosophy of Wisdom 2.0. This provides a strong, resilient basis for performing 21st-century transformational leadership we call ‘happy & aware leadership’.