Happiness pays off.


Bottom line numbers show, that happy leaders are more successful, happy employees perform much better.

The Responsible Happiness Improvement Program is designed to measure and improve job contentment, employee engagement, employee well-being and happiness, by a group of happy mindset tools. Guiding employees step by step through these levels of happiness development, their performance increases and so the financial numbers of the company improve.

NHS Employers & O.C. Tanner Global Recognition Study (2008) reveals that the operating income of companies with engaged employees is 19% higher than the average. For companies without engagement the operating income is 30% lower. This represents an approximate 49% difference between companies with unengaged and with engaged employees.













According to Towers Watson’s Global Workforce Study (2012), companies with sustainable engagement (who apply employee well-being elements) have an operating margin that is almost twice that of companies with high engagement alone and almost three times that of companies with low engagement.





















Engagement and well-being depend on happy mindset.
Happiness Consulting’s experience is, that focusing on the development of happy mindset highly increases engagement and well-being, especially when awareness intelligence elements are added as well.


Proper use of wealth pays off.


Happiness Consulting improves happiness that results in better performance. Performance though shall be self-sustainable and connected with actions that are additionally boosting its effectiveness as well. Our trainings build mentally strong, free, independent and in the same time loyal and pro-social people, that feel responsible for their surroundings and community. They naturally become more successful which in turn leads to the prosperity of their environment, company and as well as of their own.

The reason why they become so successful is that for them wealth is not the goal itself, but a tool to accomplish goals that benefit many.



Money can buy happiness – if you spend it well.


How can we use money in a smart way on an individual level? Several researches show that what makes people happy is not the ownership of money, but the usage of money. It is NOT about which product we buy for ourselves, but from and for whom we buy something (even the smallest thing). The mental benefit of people spending on themselves is much less than of people who spend their money on their team (even silly/funny things). It is very wise to spend money in a pro-social way. Also, the way we spend it on other people matters more than the amount you spend on money.















It is empathy that makes us spend on other people or help them. Empathy increases oxytocin and makes us moral and more social. Oxytocin - the trust hormone - increases generosity by 80%, donations by 50%.

Spending wealth on a smart way causes an ever-increasing circle of cheerful events.

- for tailor-made improvements

Happiness Consulting performs a happiness assessment in order to understand the organisation’s and its leaders’ unique characteristics in detail. The results allow us to point out the qualities of the organisation on many HR KPI levels. The strategy of happiness improvement exactly covers the assessment strategy: they work hand-in-hand. Happiness Consulting can improve the domains that are measured. Using these assessment results as a basis, Black Belt Consultants consult with the leaders about the preferred direction of happiness improvement, after which a Tailor-made Happy Mindset Training is created that is fitting the exact needs.



Assessment questions that improve the happy mindset of the answer giver


Questions have a direct impact on the nervous system and on our way of thinking: they modify perceptions, moods and expectations. Therefore, Happiness Consulting asks questions with a positive and wider focus, which turns the mindset towards happiness. Already this special happiness assessment opens up happiness perspectives and itself improves happy mindset.


Our questionnaires are based on qualified questionnaires on a quantative and qualitative basis. They are the result of a fruitful work of our services development team with experts in Positive Psychology MBA, Behavioural Psychology (PhD) and Statistical Science (PhD). They are also fine-tuned by the experience of Happiness Consulting’s trainers and consultants. The questionnaires are internally validated.


Happiness Consulting offers a stand-alone happiness assessment, or an assessment-based consultancy about happiness improvement factors.



ONLINE Asessment


After measuring Happiness factors, including HR KPIs such as contentment, engagement, well-being, happiness, happy mindset and awareness intelligence, Happiness Consulting provides the directors with a full overview about their organisation’s current status.


The Happiness Assessment Questionnaires are:


  • Individual Values (Spiral Dynamics)

  • Systems thinking

  • Job Contentment

  • Employee Engagement

  • Well-being (Physical, Social, Mental)

  • Happiness

  • Happy Mindset

  • Awareness Intelligence


Assessments are performed and analysed by our Black Belt or higher certified consultants.



Happiness App (soon ready)


Test your happiness and mental balance level with a quantitative tool!
Learn to recognise mental states, train it, and measure the result!


The Happiness App will be applied in all of our training levels, in various ways and with a varying emphasis.




Happiness Consulting’s Black Belt or Master Black Belt Consultants offer consultations on three main areas:

Talent Management

Happy Mindset Improvement Program

Organisational development

It is much easier for an organisation to create a happy, healthy and well performing culture if the mindset of the members is happy. With Talent management services Happiness Consulting helps organisations to select the right people to work with.The result of the Happiness Improvement Program can be boosted and much easier sustained in case the organisation implements the happy mindset values in the processes. Organisational development services help implementing happiness in all operational levels.

Responsible Happiness Improvement Program


Happiness Consulting focuses on providing a Responsible Happiness Improvement Program to improve the happy mindset & awareness intelligence within the organization.

Before a Tailor-made Responsible Happiness Training is created, a Happiness Assessment is performed with sufficient number of stakeholders.

Based on the analysis Clients are consulted to set the strategic weights of the Tailor-made Responsible Happiness Training domains and sub-domains.

In order to support the smooth merger of happiness improvement into the organisation’s development strategy, Clients are provided with evidence-based and well-prepared presentation material helping his/her explanation of the happiness strategy to colleagues or leaders. Upon the Client’s wish, a Black Belt consultant attends the crucial leadership meeting as a backup support or presenter.

After proceeding the Responsible Happiness Improvement Program, periodic surveys are performed to track the development and to apply further trainings if needed. Clients with high assessment scores may apply for a Happiness Certification.

Talent management


Organisations want to get ahead of the key employment trends and use new creative ways to work with self-responsible people, and so decrease fluctuation. They want to choose and grow greatness.


Happiness Consulting helps leaders upgrade their talent acquisition, selection and job integration process with key happiness factors and methods. This makes the Happiness Improvement Program more effective as the prior processes, and can bring a positive quality change as well.


Together with the team leaders, we identify the characteristics of a team and identify what profile person would fit into the team and perform the job tasks the best. We create the recruitment announcement, select the best candidates, and perform a profile test to select the best of the best. We help with the interview and later with the ensuing job placement process. We help defining the job KPIs, and together we develop and agree in a training and learning plan.


For more details about Talent management, contact us.

Organisational development, BPR


Our Clients are seeking more than the world-class HR assessments, processes and human quality improvement programs. They aim to build a high-trust and engaged workplace culture from an all-encompassing holistic view; therefore they want to deeply implement happiness at their organisation.


Applying the best Talents, and having them learn and internalize how to be happy is a key step, which needs the supportive culture and structure of the system. If the KPIs are built up, e.g. around bonuses, it will only support the outer motivation of the employees instead of supporting the happiness improvement process which has the intention to raise intrinsic motivation and inner engagement. The unfolding of a happy company culture depends on the company’s system that enables it; always remembering that happy employees perform better. The experiential statement of ‘happiness and human qualities at its best performance’ shall penetrate the system from the Vision & Mission statement to all the elements of Execution & Support.


For more details about Organisational development, contact us.


Happiness Consulting offers the following trainings:


1. Standardised Responsible Happiness trainings, as

•    Responsible Happiness 1 Training; provided as a one-day training

•    Responsible Happiness 2 Training – based on Responsible Happiness 1 -;

both provided as a two-days training.

2. Tailor-made Responsible Happiness Training – based on a prior online organisational assessment -, provided in agreed number of days.

3. For Senior leaders, Happiness Consulting offers a Responsible Happiness Leadership trainings.

In order to result a deep and lasting intrinsic positive change within the participants, the trainings


  • involve positive psychology approach of eg. M. Csikszentmihalyi, M. Seligman, D. Kahneman, and theories of eg. S. Harris, M. Weber, E. Schein, B. Catie, C. Tipping, S. Anchor,


  • dive deeper than the surface, are based on deep psychological and psychiatric positive theraphy-like approaches of eg. C.G. Jung, L. Heller, D. Schnarch, J. Robbins, O. Scharmer,


  • share the conclusions of scientific researches of eg. Brian Dailey, R. Sheldrake, G. Braden, N.A.Christakis, neuroscience, epigenetics, and many else,


  • target all three areas of happiness (mental, interpersonal, physiological) and all happiness factors (contentment, engagement, well-being, happy mindset)


  • apply practices and methods of positive development based on the above. performed from the perspective and lingo of the given environment (business / education / governance).


All this is cooked / distilled down to an essence oriented, quickly digestible, magically transforming Happiness Consulting recipe.


- for quick & wide range implementation

The Responsible Happiness 1 training provides tools to handle inner processes like moods, to cultivate healthy customs. It teaches integration to the system surrounding us, contentment, body awareness, self-responsibility and the actions to create more content and happy circumstances around us and in the system we are working in. This one-day training also introduces the most efficient way to use the Happiness App (mobile application) that provides objective feedback of our state of mind.


The Responsible Happiness 2 training is for those who need tools mainly for handling situations, interactions, and bringing them to a successful conclusion for all parties involved. It motivates us to get engaged into situations and processes in a moral and sustainably active way. It transmits the ability of flow and the power of empathy & wisdom.  This two-days training is for those only, who previously participated the Happy Mindset 1 training.

Happy Mindset 1 and Happy mindset 2 trainings are performed by our Green Belt trainers - eg. the trainers of our Partner Agencies - or higher certified consultants (Black Belts or Master Black Belts) of Happiness Consulting.


Happiness Consulting's consultants provide a well-balanced ratio of happy mindset elements (system – contentment – engagement – well-being – happiness), the Tailor-made Happy Mindset training weights the emphasis of the training topics according to the organisation’s needs and objectives. See below.


- for high quality, personalised, still wide-range implementation

The organisation’s leader or the HR director usually feels what is most needed for the organisation. Our Black Belt Consultants can shape the Happy Mindset Training according to their requests, though to have an objective overall view, we propose to perform an assessment beforehand for the sake of understanding the organisation’s unique characteristics in detail. The results accredit us, to point out the qualities of the organisation – or a department – quantitatively and qualitative on many HR KPI levels. Taking these qualities as a basis, we create a proposal for our Client about the preferred direction of happiness improvement.


Adapted from this proposal, we build up a Tailor-made Responsible Happiness Training to fit the organisation’s exact needs. This incorporates Happy Mindset 1 and Happy mindset 2 trainings including more details and a stronger emphasis on the agreed, improvable happiness factors.


This training is prepared and performed by the Black Belt or Master Black Belt consultants of Happiness Consulting.

for Senior Leaders

The Responsible Happiness Leadership Training provides the core of personal and interpersonal happiness development. An organization is based on its leadership. Motivation, trust, loyalty, engagement, skillful applications of well-being elements to sustain performance, a happy environment and culture depend on the leaders as much as on the employees. A Happy Organisation is based on senior leaders carrying a happy mindset.


The Responsible Happiness Leadership Training is an assessment-based tailor-made training, that is offered in-house or off-site for smaller or larger groups of leaders, provided as a one and a half days program.It can be performed as a stand-alone program or as an additional unit to an existing leadership program – providing enormous additional benefits.


This training performed by our Black Belt or higher certified consultants.

Happy mindset & awareness intelligence
in a condensed, leadership style

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