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Responsible happiness pays off.


Bottom line numbers show, that happy leaders are more successful, happy employees perform much better.

The Responsible Happiness Improvement Program is designed to measure and improve job contentment, employee engagement, employee well-being and happiness, by a group of happy mindset tools. Guiding employees step by step through these levels of happiness development, their performance increases and so the financial numbers of the company improve.

NHS Employers & O.C. Tanner Global Recognition Study (2008) reveals that the operating income of companies with engaged employees is 19% higher than the average. For companies, without engagement, the operating income is 30% lower. This represents an approximate 49% difference between companies with unengaged and with engaged employees.

According to Towers Watson’s Global Workforce Study (2012), companies with sustainable engagement (who apply employee well-being elements) have an operating margin that is almost twice that of companies with high engagement alone and almost three times that of companies with low engagement.

Engagement and well-being depend on happy mindset. Happiness Consulting’s experience is, that focusing on the development of happy mindset highly increases engagement and well-being, especially when awareness intelligence elements are added as well.

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Responsible Happiness Improvement Program

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Happiness Consulting performs a happiness assessment in order to understand the organisation’s and its leaders’ unique characteristics in detail. The results allow us to point out the qualities of the organisation on many HR KPI levels. The strategy of happiness improvement exactly covers the assessment strategy: they work hand-in-hand. Happiness Consulting can improve the domains that are measured. Using these assessment results as a basis, Black Belt Consultants consult with the leaders about the preferred direction of happiness improvement, after which a Tailor-made Happy Mindset Training is created that is fitting the exact needs.



Assessment questions that improve responsible happiness


Questions have a direct impact on the nervous system and on our way of thinking: they modify perceptions, moods and expectations. Therefore, Happiness Consulting asks questions with a positive and wider focus, which turns the mindset towards happiness. Already this special happiness assessment opens up happiness perspectives and itself improves happy mindset.


Our questionnaires are based on qualified questionnaires on a quantitative and qualitative basis. They are the result of a fruitful work of our services development team with experts in Positive Psychology MBA, Behavioural Psychology (PhD) and Statistical Science (PhD). They are also fine-tuned by the experience of Happiness Consulting’s trainers and consultants. The questionnaires are internally validated.


Happiness Consulting offers a stand-alone happiness assessment or an assessment-based consultancy about happiness improvement factors.



ONLINE Assessments


After measuring Happiness factors, including HR KPIs such as contentment, engagement, well-being, happiness, happy mindset and awareness intelligence, Happiness Consulting provides the directors with a full overview about their organisation’s current status.


The Assessment Questionnaires are:


  1. Individual Values (Spiral Dynamics)

  2. Systems thinking

  3. Job Contentment

  4. Employee Engagement

  5. Physical & Physiological Well-being

  6. Social & Interpersonal Well-being

  7. Mental & Psychological Well-being

  8. Happiness

  9. Happy Mindset

  10. Awareness Intelligence

  11. Responsible Happiness


Assessments are performed and analyzed by our

Black Belt or higher certified consultants.

Based on the results, we consult the Leader, about tailor-made improvement options.





2. Tailor-made



Responsible Happiness Improvement Program

A.) For C-Suite Leadership

Yes, dear C-Suite leader, even You can learn skills and strategies you never heard of. You will be amazed.

The tailor-made Responsible Happiness C-Suite Leadership Training provides the core of personal and interpersonal happiness development. An organization is based on its leadership. Motivation, trust, loyalty, engagement, skillful applications of well-being elements to sustain performance, a happy environment, and culture depend on the leaders as much as on the employees. A Happy Organisation is based on senior leaders carrying a happy mindset.


The Responsible Happiness Leadership Training is an assessment-based tailor-made training, that is offered in-house or off-site for smaller or larger groups of leaders, provided as a two days program. It can be performed as a stand-alone program or as an additional unit to an existing leadership program – providing enormous additional benefits.

At the end of the top-level leadership training, the participants will learn how to successfully lead their people by applying responsible happiness and professional intuition.

Organisations led by these leaders - compared to the average  - have ca. twenty percent higher operating income and two times higher profit percentage. They prosper on the long term in a sustainable way. The workplace culture is more relaxed and involving, people feel better and work better at these organisations.

Leaders learn to lead easier, become happier, and live freer.


This training is performed by our Black Belt or higher certified consultants.

B.) For The Management

The tailor-made Responsible Happiness Management Training can't be done without the participation of their leader. The management receives a step-by-step guide about their development as a leader. As on a clear path, becomes clear what to focus on which phase of their professional development.

This exceptional training gives more in terms of strategic planning, communication, contentment, engagement, physical-/ social-/ mental well-being, happy mindset and awareness intelligence than any other trainings on the market.

This training is based on online assessments as well.

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C.) For All Employees

Everyone can not be the leader. Someone has to do the job.

The tailor-made Responsible Happiness Employee Training is for both blue collar and white collar employees.

They learn to accept each other and communicate with each other respectfully; get more content about their working environment and their job itself; learn to operate in a complex system in a more harmonious way; find their points of motivation, engagement and active participation; get physically healthier and more resilient and robust mentally as well.

Their efficiency can increase from ten to twenty percent.

Engineers and Businesspeople
3. Tailor-made

Happiness Consulting’s Black Belt or Master Black Belt Consultants offer consultations for in-depth organisational improvement in three main areas:

1. Talent Selection
& Allocation

2. Responsible Happiness Improvement Program

3. Organisational development


It is much easier for an organisation to create a happy, healthy and well-performing culture if the mindset of the members is happy. With Talent management services Happiness Consulting helps organisations to select the right people to work with. The result of the Happiness Improvement Program can be boosted and much easier sustained in case the organisation implements the happy mindset values in the processes. Organisational development services help implement responsible happiness in all major- or selected operational levels.

1. Talent Selection & Job Allocation


Organisations want to get ahead of the key employment trends and use new creative ways to work with self-responsible people, and so decrease fluctuation. They want to choose and grow greatness.


Happiness Consulting helps leaders upgrade their talent acquisition, selection, and job integration process with key happiness factors and methods. This makes the Happiness Improvement Program more effective than the prior processes and can bring a positive quality change as well.


Together with the team leaders, we identify the characteristics of a team and identify what profile person would fit into the team and perform the job tasks the best. We create the recruitment announcement, select the best candidates, and perform a profile test to select the best of the best. We help with the interview and later with the ensuing job placement process. We help define the job KPIs, and together we develop and agree on a training and learning plan.


For more details about Talent management, contact us.

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2. Responsible Happiness Improvement Program

Happiness Consulting focuses on providing a Responsible Happiness Improvement Program to improve the happy mindset & awareness intelligence within the organization.



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A.) In order to support the smooth merger of responsible happiness improvement into the organisation’s development strategy, clients are provided with evidence-based and well-prepared presentation material. Upon the Client’s wish, a Black Belt consultant attends the crucial leadership meeting as backup support or presenter.

B.) We select the target group as C-suite leaders, the management or blue/white-collar employees.

C.) Before a Tailor-made Responsible Happiness Training is created, a Happiness Assessment is performed with a sufficient number of stakeholders. Based on the analysis clients are consulted to set the strategic weights of the Tailor-made Responsible Happiness Training domains and sub-domains.

D.) After proceeding with the Responsible Happiness Improvement Program, periodic surveys are performed to track the development and to apply further training if needed.


E.) Clients with high assessment scores may apply for a Happiness Certificates.

3. Organisational development, BPR

Our clients are seeking more than world-class Leadership/ HR assessments, processes, and human quality improvement programs. They aim to build a high-trust and engaged workplace culture from an all-encompassing holistic view; therefore they want to deeply implement responsible happiness at their organisation.


Applying the best Talents, and having them learn and internalize how to be responsible and at the same time have a happy mindset is a key step, which needs the supportive culture and structure of the system. Unless the deep values of the people are not matched to each other, unless it does not represent a clear and compatible chain from the blue-collar workers to the C-suite leaders, the company may face inner tensions. If the KPIs are built up, e.g. around bonuses, it will only support the outer motivation of the employees instead of supporting the responsible happiness improvement process which has the intention to raise intrinsic motivation and inner engagement. The unfolding of a responsible-, still a happy company culture depends on the company’s complex operational system that enables it; always remembering that happy employees perform better. The experiential statement of ‘happiness and human qualities at its best performance’ shall penetrate the system from the vision & mission statement to all the elements of execution & support.

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