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Professional Intuition In Decision-Making

According To The Spirit Of Our Times

Part I., Chapter 2.

Physics Of Intuition – How Does Intuition Work On The Physical Level?

Is there a connection between intuition and the crown-jewel of science, physics? Why is intuition a proven part of our physical reality? How come, that our greatest scientists are in favor of it?

We read Albert Einstein's quote in the motto of our first article on intuition. The scientist praised the "Aha-experience" of intuition, a fresh wonder that appeared by itself. As a defining thinker of his age, he was keen to share his vision. Building on Einstein's brilliant foundations, his student David Böhm managed to surpass his master in some perspectives, by helping his work reach beyond certain areas by utilizing practical philosophy and professional intuition. He realized that the more we understand the cause and functioning of intuition, the more we understand the world around us and the more we can describe it with the tool of quantum physics.

But what is quantum physics about and why is it important to know about it in respect of intuition?

Here, first of all this writer has to state, that he does not have a degree in quantum physics. Still, as he has two good eyes, slowly, but at least he can read, he takes omega-3 fish oil and Lugol iodine solution so that his brain may function at the highest efficiency within his capacities, so he read quite a few articles in this topic. In case he anytime finds more precise information about the current topics, he will modify this article with utmost peace of mind. What helps him though is that he tries to do his best to apply integrative thinking, that makes it possible to harmonize the information of independent sciences in order to come to conclusions that reach beyond them. Let us see where he got in this, in terms of quantum physics.


Quantum physics is about getting to know the real nature of things, just like intuition. Quantum physics has proved that space, as a carrier and container-like entity of all things, carries information in a certain way. Developing our skill of intuition is about getting to become more open towards the qualities of space, to become more aware and positively sensitive about recognizing the information that is inherent in it. Therefore, in this article we are going to examine how things emerge from space, their qualities, in which way they carry information, and their relations to intuition (written in Italic lines).

05 CERN.png

This information can manifest as waves, vibrating fields, particles, and finally, forms. In addition, the phenomena appearing therein are in constant interaction with one another, whether intentionally or not. Information has an effect on the experiencer, no matter where the information appears in space. Similarly, the experiencer has an effect on the information that appears in space. The effect of information is thus boundless. It constantly influences and is in an interaction with, say, everything and everyone. Subject object and action are in constant exchange, and thus, they are inseparable. Each of them are just sides of the same prism of the totality nature of reality.

What proves this? The basis, and therefore the most significant experiment of the science of quantum physics is the "double-slit experiment". The essence of Thomas Young's experiment in 1801 is that a photon beam (light beam) formed of light particles, that is, photons, can be express itself as an energy-wave-like phenomenon when scientists don’t observe it, an as a particle, when it is observed. Even though in 1923 Louis de Broglie suggested that electrons have a wave-like property, in 1927, Davisson and Germer were the ones who proved that the same thing happens with electrons in the double-slit experiment. That is, by projecting the electron beam onto a membrane that has two vertical gaps, it leaves a different mark on the light sensor behind it, depending on whether scientists are observing the phenomenon or not. As observed with a camera, it manifests itself as a particle / electron, if not observed, then behaves as a wave / energy.

In our time in 2013, Sandra Eidenberger from Austria at the University of Vienna demonstrated that in fact giant molecules of up to 800 atoms express themselves the same way.


What does this mean in everyday interpretation? Photons, electrons, and molecules appear to us as particles, shapes, or quasi-objects when we look at them. Beyond that, the nature of things is energy and wave potential.

Is it possible that we only see things as "existing" when we look at them? Could things "exist and not exist in the same time"?


In practical terms, our eyes perceive objects and events by reflected light, photons. However, light particles, photons, have no color. They take over though the wave-like vibration of what they encounter. It is the experience of this energy-wave they carry that gives our eyes the feeling that we our brain interprets as color and form, and thus they are immediately named. "It's a white cup." - we say, as we look at a set of atoms, the experience of which reaches our retina vibrating with the wave-length of white color. Only a tiny bit of the wavelength between gamma rays and radio waves is visible light, that scales ranging from 380nm ultraviolet to 740nm infrared wavelength. However, the real world certainly does not only exist within this narrow spectrum of frequencies. Or, if we can't see it, it doesn't exist? Some people like this ostrich policy.


What happens, for example, when a wavelength of a photon reflected from a creature falls out of the 380-740nm scale, but at the same time its senses experience this band of frequencies? He sees us and we can't see him? We exist for him, but for us he does not exist? Or, if he operates both in the range of light that is visible by humans and also in a wavelength that is invisible for us, would we see only some parts of it? For example those, which he wants us to see?

According to the University of Vienna, no matter if an entity consists of either photons of any wave length, atoms of any type, or molecules (inorganic or organic structures), depending on our attention and imagination, it may express itself as a wave or a particle (matter).


In addition, scientists have been wondering what would happen if we neglected our focus. For example, if we were not concerned at all about the vibration of the photons reaching our retina? Certainly we would not name the color patches or undefined forms, but at the same time, would we eliminate the observer effect we experienced in the quantum experiment? Would the nature of space, the information-nature, also known as the wave or vibration of its energy potential, remain as a mere "possibility" without the observer's exploratory "intervention"? If we do not take it seriously, can it remain un-manifested?


For a while, Scientists have been unable to provide logical explanations for these questions. Therefore, a paradigm shift was needed. In order to get closer to the understanding of the physics of nature, David Böhm suggests that we first consider the nature of space, or rather the nature of spacetime.

By studying space, and especially spacetime, we have a better understanding of quantum reality and, thus, the functioning of Böhm's highly valued intuition, since it is nothing more than the recognition of information in space.


Let us first list the characteristics of space and space-time, and then elaborate on them one by one, so that we have a truly professional knowledge of the (quantum)physics of intuition.

I. What enables the appearance of space, in which things can spontaneously manifest is called spacetime. Movement in space: is, time.

II. Matter is actually just a set of atoms, consisting of elementary particles that condense from spontaneously appearing and dissolving fields of light energy, and thus, it is ultimately space-like in nature.


III. Matter is nothing else, then light and energy materialized in the speed of light.


IV. From spacetime’s perspective reality is virtually relative.


V. In space, the observer subject, the object of observation, and the action of observing forms an inseparable unit and influence each other. What matter is, that they are just different sides of the same totality.


VI. If one understands the nature of spacetime, the information that appears at any point in space is accessible to anyone at any other point in space.


VII. Spacetime can show a the state of un-expressed potential, in the state of self-expression – manifesting forms, matter -, and in an unburdened way in the state of both at the same time.


Each of the seven factors listed contains extraordinary depth of information. Let us shed some more light on these qualities while taking a look at them from the perspective of physics.


I. What enables the appearance of space in which things can spontaneously manifest is called spacetime. Movement in space: is time.

It is an inherent quality of spacetime, that in addition to transcending time and space, it is in a timeless, continuous "spontaneous play." Space spontaneously manifests movement: it displays things (eg. in and out pulsing quantum-bits, photons, neutrinos, positrons, electrons etc. and which subsequently return to space, dissolve into it and disappear in it) - whether or not they condense into bigger groups we call matter, or not. The continuous expression of this movement-, the flow of constant manifestation of and dissolution we experience as time.



II. Matter is actually just a set of atoms, consisting of elementary particles that condense from spontaneously appearing and dissolving fields of light energy, and thus, it is ultimately spatial in nature.


Space is not an external thing, it permeates everything. 99.9999… percent of the material is empty space.If we imagine the hydrogen atom’s nucleus as the height of a ten meter (33 feet) high temple, the electron would be the size of a soccer ball, orbiting it around it with a five hundred kilometer (310 miles) radius. In fact, there is much much more space between them then matter. Their own volume (nucleus + electron) compared to the volume of the atom is one to a quadrillion. It consists almost entirely of space.

This space is continuous. It permeates the atoms of our bodies, the atoms of the ‘outside’ air that is in contact with our skin, the atoms of the person next to us, and everything around us in the same way. Space does not separate, but it connects us. Whether someone is near or far away from us, we are connected to this person through space. Even if we were in a nuclear bunker three universes away, still.


Let us step back for a moment and examine the full process of materialization, including its building blocks.


In space-time - that is beyond space and time – exist space-like vacuums (since beginningless times, as it it beyond space and time). We may express and understand this a bit more easily by the concept or parallel universes or multiverses. This means, that in countless spaces, limitless number of universes (with galaxies in numbers indescribable) are present melt, and reappear again.


What happens then exactly in these countless spaces (vacuums)?

Let us call them the different states or expressions of spacetime.


STATE 1 – Spacetime

STATE 2 – The boundless space (vacuum) and its limitless potential

STATE 3 – Quantum fluctuation of virtual energy and light

STATE 4 – Polarized subatomic particles that form fields

STATE 5 – Matter


In case we aim to develop an intuition on the long term that is not limited by space or time, it worths to get to know their qualities and how they function.

STATE 1 – Spacetime

The state, in which exists neither space nor time. “It has always been present, it is, and it will be, forever.” It may not be so easy for us to imagine this, as we are used to linear-, time-chronological thinking.

The significance of this can be relatively easily understood by Einstein's G = 8 * Pi * T formula, which – in contrary to the two-dimensional Pythagorean triangle calculation – can be applied in interplanetary measures. It defines the spacial position of an object in a applies a three dimensional distance mesh in connection with time, and it also explains that if we know that how much mass or energy is present at a given point also determines the curvature of space at that point. The factor of space and time of space, we can have the curvature of space at that point. The "entity" that it represents is space-time.



STATE 2 – Space (vacuum) is limitless and has limitless potential

Even though the space (or vacuum) that appears from spacetime is “empty in its essence”, it is limitless in its extent – has no end or borders -, it has unlimited amounts of energy. Even the emptiest vacuum has an inherent energy, that is measured and being referred as vacuum expectation value. As this expectation value can be measured in each and every dot of space (vacuum) – “even a micrometer” from each dot -, it is to say, that space (vacuum) has limitless inherent energy, as potential.


We may express it also in a way: if space and movement both appear in spacetime, then spacetime combines all the energy of all times and place. If we had a moment's access to the essence of spacetime, we would experience all the energy and information of all times and places. Self-development-course-like experience religions call this enlightenment.


We may call this elemental state “absolute”, as even though it is the source of it-, itself does not contain either positive nor negative charges. Thus, from its perspective, there is nothing to “differentiate” between. We may say, that at this stage “it does not judge what is good or bad”, it is unpolarized-, non-dualistic energy, the pure expression of space’s energy-potential nature. From this state, space (vacuum) can express itself in any forms, it can create anything.


STATE 3 – Quantum fluctuation field of virtual energy and light

In the constant vacuum of the universe, first energy emerges and fluctuates, pulsates in and out of space; it appears and disappears again. This is called quantum fluctuation, the fluctuation of the smallest referenced neutrally charged energy unit, the quantum or quantum bit (Q-bit, Qubit).


Our hypothesis is, that Laurent R. Duchense (1955-) calls this field of energy, ether, David Böhm (-1992) described it as implicate order, Max Planck (-1947) calls it the electromagnetic field of elementary quantum of action, the English professor of physics Trevor Marshall calls it zero-point (energy)field or fluctuating trajectories and radiation of charged particles, the New York physicist Timothy Boyer refers to it as quantum electromagnetic zero-point energy, the long-time co-worker of David Böhm, Basil J. Hiley calls it pre-space, theoretical physicist Burkhard Heim (-2001) refers on it as quantum-field, and John Archibald Wheeler (-2008) calls it quantum foam.


Just as the sum of the previously discussed vacuum expectation value is limitless, the "zero-point" energy of the "ether" that emerges from it is also similar. It is much higher than the density of nuclear energy, as simply this is the fundamental and inherently spontaneous nature of space.

Thus, at one point in the morphic space, there is innumerable times greater energy than in an atomic bomb. No wonder Tesla took every effort to make zero-energy utilization accessible for all of us. Technically, he succeeded, but he did not place a meter on it, so the rest of the story is just history.


Nevertheless, there are innumerable energy movements in the innumerable universes that appear in the innumerable spaces that originate from spacetime. Space is simply “pregnant”, this is its intrinsic quality. It does not depend on whether we believe that things are created by the God of Abrahamic religions or any god-like deity (in Hinduism). Actually, the reason why these depth of scientific topics were limited to appear within leadership and people development were the emotional hindrances, when people thought, that it may not be comfortable to hear it for believers – even though in some cases they were in democratic minority -. Scientists, a majority of whom still tend to be mainly brain-oriented rather than heart-oriented, are usually not so popular in emotional-, heart based environments. The good news for heart oriented people is, that science-, as the one that shows the nature of things is the widest common ground for everyone to agree with. It is like a common big camp fire with a clear and bright light that overgrows the light of the individually colored candles.


Anyway, well-meaning writer encourages the religious reader to continue reading, because they do not necessarily have to agree on these depths. The dear reader will definitely find new and useful information in this article series, in more practical, everyday levels, that provides competitive advantage for the individual and its company. After all, what works, works; sometimes it does not really matter, why.


Stepping forward in our topic, we have to shed lite on the fact that it is proven by the Casmir Effect and its related more recent experiments, that the quantum field is made out of "virtual particles” appear as “pre-particles”. Pre-particles appear usually in pairs, as a positive charged and a negative charged virtual particle, as particle and anti-particle. For example, virtual photon in the quantum field can split to virtual positron and a virtual electron. There appear other virtual particle pairs as well. (The process in which this has been repeated with measurable “real” particles is called pair production.)


These, in some respect behave as particles, though they are weightless and additionally their location is undefined due to Heisenberg's principle of uncertainty.

Additionally, according to the quantum theory that is applied about curved spacetime, virtual particles can as well appear in a by time-dependent or in a time-independent way. They can move both forward and backward in time.

Their characteristics-, that they have no location, no weight, they may appear without time limitations we may formulate, that they are virtual expressions of the light and energy aspects of space, that bubbles in and out in vacuum, thus garbing it with zero-point energy. The vacuum expectation value is considered to be the summations of the energy of the virtual particles.


Virtual particle pairs-, as the virtual positron and the virtual electron that originates from a virtual photon appear for a short moment after which they again come together and annihilate each other, leaving no electronically polarized characteristics behind. They become virtual photons. This photon again transforms into a virtual particle pair, and becomes a photon again from their re-union. As this happens in countless dots of the limitless space, therefore vacuum is never really empty, it is constantly woven together with the joyful play of energy and light.

07 Energy_light.png

As we know, that any virtual or measurable particle that appears in the vacuum are excitations of the underlying fields. The more excited the quantum field is (by in and out popping virtual particles), the more it manifest into “real” particles. When the energy of the excitement is high, “real”-, measurable particles like real photons pop out from space. Photons are constantly appearing and disappearing in the vacuum.

This is as well true, explained from the other way around. Real particles like electrons are influenced and are in exchange with virtual particle-pairs.


Buddhists call this state “reality body” of mind, or dharmakaya, Hindus call it “ultimate truth”, and most probably this is what the Abrahamic religions call God, as this is the state that (spontaneously) manifests “real” appearances that can be defined by our technology regarding to their position in time and space. “Let there be light” - and photons (light particles) manifested from their virtual state, triggered by the excitement of quantum space.

The more intellectual and later experimental awareness we gain of this STATE 3, the more we will be able to intuitively experience appearances independently from the time when they happen or the place where they happen.

Have we noticed that virtual photons can move both forwards and backwards in time?

The block universe theory explained by Dr. Bradford Skow elaborates on, that past, present and future exist at the same time. This is exactly the explanation of reality from spacetime’s point of view, that creates, contains and dissolves all spaces and times. As our mind has the qualities of spacetime, it has the potential to spread out in multiple times and spaces and gain experiences from it.

At the same time, the opposite of block universe theory, presentism has a relevance as well. While block universe theory arrives to the discussion of time from the spacetime perspective, presentism explains it from the everyday linear time-experience point of view. Presentism says, that only the present exist, past and future are just illusions.


This is a useful thought from the perspective, that we can only access the deepest intuitive capacities of our minds in case we are not disturbed by thinking and worrying about past, present and future. (Of course when one asks us what time is it, we say half past two, not “there is only this present moment”.) When we are aware about the present moment, we are aware about reality. This is the time when we really live our life, leaving behind the thought-pattern dreams.

Then, our perception can expand in the space of the moment, and – if we practice it diligently and enough - we may get an intuitive insight into timespace. Then we can say that there is only one moment in spacetime (and actually that moment does not exist either), and at the same time it includes all times of all spaces in it. Whereas when we see the world in a conventional-, ordinary way, we experience a linearly running time in which we know what time it is.

Thus, the river of presentism flows into spacetime, from which point of view the block universe theory looks at the world. At the same time, the block universe theory is just an intellectual theory about reality, while presentism can take one to the actual bone-shaking experience of it. Anything happens, may we stay in the awareness of the moment, and then we will owe the present, the past and the future. And this is when we can really do for our past, present and future.

STATE 4 – Polarized subatomic particles that form fields

As a result of the appearing energy potentials and subatomic particles, the positive-negative attraction-repulsion produces motion, wave, vibration, which thus by itself carries information. “Fields” of different types of characteristics are created in space. Some of these charged fields, by their nature, arrange themselves first in concentric circular, gravitational-wave-like fields. Our hypothesis may have a good chance when saying, that this is the level of emergence that Buddhists and Hindus call “energy body”, “joy body” or samboghakaya, and the energy and light-patterns that appear in it, ‘mandalas’.

As the combination of particles grow the size of the material, different shapes and forms in nature create an aggregation of different fields of charges, that can’t “hold” the original symmetrical form that a single photon can manifest. These fields are also connected or created by certain everyday or mundane tendencies, mental-, verbal and/or physical actions of beings can as well carry certain information, they are just simply not as nicely-, symmetrically organized as the self-arisen fields.

08 Water_Quantum.jpg

Right: the pattern that a photon or electron shows in a doule-slit experiment

Left: a pattern that is described by the popping of a waterdrop on silicone oil

Rupert Sheldrake calls these fields morphic or morphogenetic fields.

For those with an additional mysterious vein, we can elaborate further by revealing that certain cultural trends or perspectives refer them as fields that carry the energetic imprint or information of previous and current times. We may also hypothesize, that the Rosicrucians and the followers of Kabbalah call it Egregor, while the mystics refer to it as the Akasha Chronicle. In the title of this article-series, we call it “the spirit of our times”.

The more awareness we develop about STAGE 4, the more easier and easier it becomes to start to feel other’s emotional and thought-patterns intuitively. Next to ‘scanning’ individuals, we can learn to feel the ‘taste’ of the vibration of bigger groups, natural structures etc.


Thus, the subatomic ether particles gradually create larger and larger formations. Let us elaborate on how this happens.


STATE 5 – Matter - “Real” (measurable) particles form bigger formations we call, matter.

Leptons (including the electron and neutrinos) and quarks, collectively known as the group of fermions appear. The inner spin (intrinsic angular momentum) of fermions is ½. Simplified said, inner spin means the ability to create movement or effect in space.


In addition to fermions, we are talking about a group of bosons, including the mass-less and inherently chargeless photons (light and electromagnetic field carriers). The bosons are elementary particles that are also organized into fields. The most famous of which - besides the photon field (light) - is the spin- and chargeless Higgs boson’s field, which investigated in CERN with great efforts. Quantum gravity is explained by a another massless particle called graviton. This yet undiscovered particle, that is responsible for gravitation is expected to be a spin 2 boson.

The space that is full with bosons and fermions can be considered as quantum ether, in which photons and electrons can appear.

In addition to fermions and bosons, we are also categorizing the group of hedrons. The elements of three groups slightly overlap each other. Among the hedrons, the so-called intermediate mass particles, the mesons and baryons are found. The two best known baryons are the proton and the neutron, that constitute the nuclei of atoms. Both of them consist of three quarks held together by mass and chargeless gluons.


So, next to he photons, the gluons, the quarks, the electrons appear, which are organized into protons and neutrons, and subsequently into atoms. These then form molecules, and the process goes on; finally the building blocks create the "group of particles" that we also consider to see, and call “matter” or "substance".


The science of studying how the quantum matter is condensed into the material we see is called "condensed matter physics". Because in our modern age the description of evolution no longer provides a satisfactory explanation for the emergence of matter, existence, and forms of life, the condensed matter physics is the one that analyzes this area.


We may not perceive, that our biophotons or quarks are constantly pulsating in and out of space, but it has been proven at least, that every seven to ten years all the atoms of our bodies are replaced.


For those, who like to think in dimensions, we may explain it from that perspective as well, still, let us do it in a bit unconventional, reverted way. We start to list and number the dimensions according to the sequence of their appearance.

First we talk about spacetime; let us call it dimension 1. (As with intellectual concepts we cannot imagine what may be behind it, we reserve the zero, to number that.) Then, space and time appears from dimension 1.; that we may call dimension 2. Then, quantum energy / foam of non-limited virtual particles manifests from space; dimension 3. In some points of space that is in a highly excited status, polarized, measurable, thus “real” particles form; D4. The tiny building blocks of a dualistic world appears as atoms. These particles interact, combine together and create bigger and bigger forms, from the size of yocto to yotta; D5. We humans experience and live our lives in this 5th dimension.

At the same time; there are countless D2s that appear from D1, countless D3s that appear from D2s, etc.

08 Holo.png

To create further excitement, let us remember what Niels Bohr said "Everything we call real is made up of things that cannot be regarded as real".

This is similar to a hologram. There is nothing real in it, yet we experience it as real. Also, each tiny pixel of the hologram we clasped as a child in our hand contains the complete picture, much like all information in space and time can be accessed anywhere in space, anytime.

David Bohm goes further. He suggests that we shall view our world, our universe as a large hologram. The hologram of the universe is replicated to the hologram we experience in our brains, and also that is copied down to our other organs, cells and DNA. As everything is connected by space, thus everything has an effect on everything. This way, the hologram of our DNA, has an effect on our cells, the hologram of our cells has an effect on our brain and organs, and the hologram of our brain has an effect on our universe. Fred Alan Wolf, the physicist of our time, thinks the same way.

So, we can agree with Niels Bohr, who also said: “If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet”.


Behind all these considerations, we observe that space is "constantly pregnant". Things appear - condense, come together - and dissolve - fall apart and disappear - in it parallely. Because both can be present at the same time in relation to a given entity, we can say, that according to quantum physics, matter, and ultimately the world, is both existing and non-existent. In spacetime, the topic of existence or non-existence, of being or non-existence is a relative, only a matter of perspective.


As everything is just an expression of timespace, everything happens since beginningless time. Noone pressed a button with a label “START the emanation of spaces and times out of timespace”. Spacetime is simply beyond time (start/stop; “press the button now”), beyond space and its emanations (this or that forms/entities we consider being here or there; “who presses what”), and beyond the action (“a button is being pushed”). As did not start, it will not end. Only our understanding on the nature of reality can change.


When the world goes crazy and belief-systems fall on their knees or fall apart due to scandals, at that time at least we have tool to turn to, in order to attain physiological-, social- and mental well-being. That is, first the scientific understanding of the nature of truth (brain job), and then integrating it into our lives to benefit everyone (heart job).

III. Matter is nothing else, then light and energy materialized in the speed of light


From the double-slit experiment, it is known that the energy quantas behave as a wave or particle, depending on if it is being observed or not.

When we project a beam of photons (a massless light particle that belongs to the group of vector bosons that represent an energy quanta), it behaves as a wave of light when we don’t observe it, and as a particle, when we observe it.


Electrons (that belong to the group of leptons) show the same behavior. They can flow as energy (E) can express themselves a electric, magnetic, gravitational, wave, frequency, thermal, mechanical, working, radiation and other forms of energy.


Einstein's mass energy formulaii is E = m x C2, therefore slightly rearranged: m = E / C2.

Elementary particles, and their combination we call matter (for example, our body) is made up of (the photon’s) energy condensed by motion (light-speed squared). Our body, and everything else we experience around us, is a condensed version of energy and light, that is experienced as being slowed down (freezed, condensed). Indeed.


Nevertheless, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake points out, that for example the speed of light that we consider constant is actually not a constant speed. Physicists around the world measure different values of the speed of light at different points on Earth. They then sit down and agree on an acceptable number that is acceptable for all, as the constant of the speed of light. So we are not talking about a fixed speed that we know and count, but we must rely on an approximate number agreed by few scientists. Light is a beam / group of photons, that bounce, absorb, interact, turn to energy and back etc. They also change. The only constant that is beyond change is spacetime.


If we could just see everything as light and energy, it would lighten our perception. The more light a world-perception is, the easier intuition can fold out.



IV. From spacetime’s perspective reality is virtually relative


Virtual particles can be present in multiple locations and time at the same time. Similarly, the location of the electron that draws circles around the proton cannot be determined at any given moment. Based on Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg and Enrico Fermi came to this conclusion. Einstein called the phenomenon "the end of conventional physics". How could the exact science of physics, based on straight relationships, still be called physics, if not at all? This paradigm shift had to be made by quantum physicists in order to at least attempt to describe the true nature of reality. They had to include in the physical constants formula another unknown factor that changes the whole formula: the fact of probability. Three and two (3 + 2) is not always five and a half - or how do you see it? - (but at least the three is round and the two has a bottom).


We can see that the rabbit-hole is much deeper than the traditional linear thinking we got used to connected to particles. Because the dimension of spacetime is above / behind all space and time, and since it is continuously in a spontaneous "play", spacetime thus manifests limitless number of spaces, each of them having their own times. It is bit similar to, when a three dimensional paper factory produces countless A4 sheets.


Just in order that we drop the pencil we may as well mention, that in these spaces there may exist similar or different versions of the same “reality-tendency”.


Scientists like Stephen Hawking and Thomas Hertog of Leuven University in Belgium call these parallel universes. Today, it is no longer a matter of research whether they exist, but the question is at what depth- and at what levels they exist.

At the moment, it seems that the number best describing the number of coexisting realities is infinite, a view also expressed by Hertog's 2017 research.


Being in multiple places at the same time appears not only as an issue within the atom - regarding the location of electrons - but for each universe-appearances, since each and every universe itself is a participant in an infinite series of parallel universes.


From spacetime’s perspective, reality is virtually relative. The space that appears, or the activity that unfolds in it (time), are just different manifestations of the same thing.

If we grasp one and consider it as constant, the other becomes infinite. At a given point in space, there are innumerable times (past, present, future) of innumerable universes are reachable, and in the same way countless spaces are present even in this very moment of time. What we can focus on and grasp is our reality; what we do Not grasp is infinite potential.


Quantum physics expresses, that what real Is, is that nothing is “real”. It is like big common dream that we create together with our mental attitudes. Those, materialists who take the world blood-serious, usually do not have any substantial information about the topics quantum physics researches. They shall not expect any kind of intuition to appear in their minds. Intuition is made possible by the quality of space that is described by the science of quantum relativity. ”How could one deal with such a nonsense, that by braking every material rule of ‘reality’ one could gain correct information that is not dependent on time and space?” The majority of those people who think like this have the opinion, that because they lived their whole life in this belief, they have right. They usually think, that they know everything better and that they are the really serious people. According to our opinion though, some additional information from quantum physics may serve their benefit. Let us send them this article. Let them rather fight with this good hearted writer. At least, they can try.



V. In space, the observer subject, the object of observation, and the action of observing forms an inseparable unit and influence each other. What matter is, that they are just different sides of the same totality.


Because an electron, like a photon, manifests itself as a particle or a wave, its position largely depends on how we think about it, and where we focus our attention.
Our scientists had to understand through the double-slit experiment, that reality is influenced by both the seer, the thing seen, and the fact of seeing. The scientists' (subject) focus or the lack of focus on the observed object totally changes the result of the experiment.

According to Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Christians may call this Trinity; the God being the nature of mind / reality, the son (Jesus) being the manifestation, the synonym of forms, shapes, vibration, and the Holy Spirit being the activity of the interconnecting energy or the focus of awareness which expands the mind while it reaches out to observe phenomena. They all happen in the same container we call space, and one does not have a meaning without the other two.

Hindus call this Trimurti; Brahma the creator creates the objects, things and all entities (in space, from space) - which have to exist / maintained at least for a while (for a period of time) by Vishnu’s compassionate help - , and the action of awareness that "sheds light to darkness" by revealing the non-existence / illusoric existence of all as Shiva, thus destroying them.

(By the way, it is a cultural-antropologically interesting opinion, represented among others by R.A. Boulay, Zacharia Sitchin, and Ken Cousins from Gemstone University, that the mentioned trinity of the Sumerian Anu-Enki-Enlil, the Hindu Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva, the Scandinavian Odin-Thor-Loki, the Egyptian Geb-Osiris(Sobek)-Set, the Greek Cronus-Zeus-Posseidon, the Roman Uranus-Jupiter-Neptun, the Christian God-Son-Holy Spirit represent actually the same entities.)

Buddhists call this non-duality, meaning, that there is no separate "inner" or "outer" world, because they are constantly interconnected and influenced by each other; in fact the "outer world" is just a projection of mind which we create collectively, in an interaction with each other. As a result of meditation the person may arrive to an inner “aha” moment that the meditator, the object of meditation and the act of meditation are inseparable, or may come to a similar type of "aha" moment that the space that creates everything, the objects that appeared and the interactions between them-, thus, the subject, object and the interconnecting action are just parts of the same totality. This is called liberation, the ‘small nirvana’, the first step to enlightenment, the ‘big nirvana‘.
This also means, that the subject, in this case the creator (God/Brahma/space), the object, in this case the created / manifested entity (son/Vishnu/phenomena) and the action, in this case the act of creation/destruction (holy spirit/ Shiva / aware insight) are just sides of the same totality, like different sides of the "same three-sided pyramid (tetrahedron)".

At the same time, when we are talking about things within the dimension of existence, meaning, in the dimension where space and time plays a role (everything happens / starts in the scale of time and happens somewhere in space), then we can surely say, that it will end at a certain time. When something is happening, or it "exists" means, that time is involved, as existing is time dependent. Nothing or noone can exist in a way that it would not involve time, as the word “exist” means that it is present at least for a period of time. Also, nothing can can exist outside space, as the word “exist” also means, that – no matter if something or someone is big/tall as billions of galaxies, or small as a particle - it can be found in a particular place in space. In this case, it has a form, a length, weight, color or charge etc.; anyway, it has describable properties and it has limits ("Brahma’s or God’s man-like form is 10 feet or 10 billion feet tall and can be found in heaven etc.").


Further more, as spaces parallely appear and disappear, and as time can enfold only in a space, there is nothing or no entity that is eternal. God or gods that exist within space and time are not eternal, as there is no existence above or behind space and time.  A God or gods that are somewhere in space, started to exist at a certain point of time (in space), not earlier than that space appeared, and they will stop existing at a certain point, latest, when this space collapses.

So, what is really "there" that one can rely on?
When something is 'above' time, it must have the capability to "start" / manifest time or times. When something is 'above' space, it has to have the ability to manifest space or spaces, each, with trillions of galaxies – not only a single planet like Earth -. Spacetime is the one that does it all. Nothing or noone exists in spacetime, as there is no space in which any form, entity or person may appear. As there is no space, hence, there is no time in which things could be proceeded. Spacetime is above space (and its forms/entities) and time (existence). Spacetime is the (space-less, time-less) "tetrahedron", that manifests all of the previous in infinite numbers, and the one that combines and interweaves it all. There is no space and no time outside spacetime – and of course no entities outside spacetime -, hence, when this 'dimension' manifests space and time, it manifests it “in itself”, it includes it all and permeates it all. Every entity/‘God’/phenomena in space that ‘appears/ exists’ (in a time related way) 'has a boss' or source, that is called, spacetime. And we have arrived to the "big news":

As our mind appears in spacetime, is interwoven with spacetime and can recognize information over space and time, it has the quality of spacetime. Spacetime does not come and go, it does not have good or bad vibes, its totally over ups and downs; it is unchanging, still a full potential. This is our mind. This is what we can trust.

Niels Bohr and Erwin Schrödinger are on the same page about subject-object-action. They agreed, that the object of observation, the process of observation and the observer mutually effect each other. We experience our world – and we may as well say each other’s world – in a constant flow of exchange. When we are aware of, or focus on a photon-beam, it behaves differently. What really interesting is though, the quantum field behind the phenomena, with its virtual (non-real) and ‘real’ expressions. What happens on the 2nd floor can be only observed from looking down to it from the 3rd floor.


Similarly, when we are observing a small child, it almost “fells in its atoms” that she or he is being observed, and in the “spotlight” behaves differently. People also behave differently when observed with CCTV.

Why don’t we experience the oneness with everything?

When the idea of an “I” appears, as a result the idea of separation appears to all things around (they or those things), likes (attraction) and dislikes (pushing away) appear. This is the only experience we have till now, just like if we had lived our lives in a Disneyland till now, like preschoolers. We are not aware of, that also our body is a phenomena that appears in space, and between the particles that make up our body there is more space than “matter”. Every seven to ten years our body totally exchanges all of its particles. We are not the same as ten years before, only similar. What is unchanging, “the 3rd floor” that experiences everything, the space behind everything in which everything appears. Our conscious awareness has space-like nature. This observes through our eyes, interpreting the vibration of bouncing photons as forms.


Further more, the materialization of matter (waves becoming particles) depend on the observer as well. The (intentional act of) observation itself and the experience of things has a modifying effect by itself. This way we can create a totally different reality as well.


A very simple example for this is, that when we walk in the world with “happy sunglasses” we see mainly happy things, and interpret our experiences in a happy way. The kind of sunglasses we have, mostly the same feedback we get from the world. When we smile to people, they mostly smile back. Our mindset has an effect on how we see our world, what kind of world do we experience, and similarly, others’ mindset has an effect on us, as well.


Böhm expressed in his papers, that our experience about our world depends on our capability of observation and our perception, one can not examine the experiment separately from the experiencer (the scientist). The greatness of Einstein, and later of Böhm and his contemporaries, is that, using the tools of science, mathematic calculations, and with countless experiments in quantum physics, they have come to the conclusion that, on the one hand, we not only share but together form, create our common reality, consciously or unconsciously.


Let us have a quick idea here. In case it is our view or focus that determines whether or not something is manifested out of space or not, it is also possible that our world view condenses the corresponding world experience and takes us into newer and more experiential universes? In fact, does this mean that our consciousness is based on spacetime, in which our own mental tendencies determine our mental and physical worlds depending on "what we condense" into our relative freedom?

So, can we say, that we see the world through our own sunglasses, or we create the world for ourselves that fits the color of sunglasses we have?


Therefore, it is important for us not to focus too much on one thing if we are to develop our intuitive ability or understanding of both space (forms, entities) and its actions (time). This includes the idea of an “I” that is separate from everything that surrounds it, and the illusory idea of importance. Instead, and we will discuss more about it later, we shall prefer to spend time in a more open state of consciousness that does not fixate itself of one thing, but enables our mind to notice any signs of which we shall be (intuitively) aware of.



VI. If one understands the nature of space, the information that appears at any point in space is accessible to anyone at any other point in space.


A further aspect that helps us to understand intuition as information in space is to experiment of “entangled particles” or “quantum entanglement”. Einstein called it a "spookie action at a distance". Today, we have an explanation for it. The point is that if we split a photon and place the two halves of the photon particles several kilometers apart from each other, we can observe that if one particle is exposed to any vibration, the another particle, that may be even 500 kilometers away from it will start to vibrate in the same way as well. That is the reason why family members with similar genes and loving couples whose "heart beats on the same rhythm" sense each other’s consciousness or current mood wherever they are.


In the same way, computing currently develops this quantum-physics way of information transfer by creating quantum computers and quantum communication systems.

Understanding the functioning of quantum space has made it possible to develop quantum-teleportation to transmit not only information but also particles / particle groups (matter) from one point to another. The time has come for us to enjoy and utilize the benefits of this all-pervasive and manifesting ability of space(time) with our practical tools.

When we are friends with the reality that everything is being essentially space, there are no limits for our intuition.


VII. Spacetime can show a the state of un-expressed potential, in the state of self-expression – manifesting forms, matter -, and in an unburdened way in the state of both at the same time.


Spacetime, as an “un-expressed potential” carries the manifestation-potential of all spaces and all of its expressions.


Next to this, as spacetime is the basis or source of all space and times, as a “self-expressive” way it also contains all phenomena that appears in space (that emerge and dissolve continuously in the flow of time).


It is up to us how we look at it, how we explain it. We may express it as space itself is the potential of all phenomena, or from the other way around we may say that the basis and ultimately the essence of every phenomenon is nothing else but space.

In the example of the double-slit experiment, the wave property of a photon is the source of its appearance as a particle, and likewise, the real essence of each light particle is its space-inherent wave property.

The appearance and the space in which it appears are inseparable.


Quantum theory says that "empty space" is actually full of temporary ("virtual") particles that are constantly taking a form and disappear again. Parallelly, when we dismantle the atoms to protons, neutrons, quarks, leptons, bosons, everything eventually returns to elemental energy and then finally returns to space. Similarly, when scientists collide with two photons, they disappear in space. In addition, if a vacuum is created, subatomic particles appear in it, spontaneously.


Third, while the non-expressive potential of space-time is behind all phenomena, at the same time the self-expressive activity of space has always been present in it, as well. This can be called the unlimited quality of spacetime. It does not only appear in this or that way, but both qualities can be observed about it at same time. Space constantly gives life to phenomena that play in space for a while and then return back into it. Space always represents a limitless quality of motion-less full potential, and it gives birth to things at the same time.


It all changes depending on our own mindset, focus and awareness. It is up to us which side of the trinity we are focusing on. Immersed in creating, openly contemplating, or doing both at once. The quality that describes this is Awareness Intelligence.


We do not want to use our intuition in all situations of life. When we produce a pivot table and graphs in an Excel sheet, we use a completely different way of focusing, then the one required to get the intuition running. When we are using open and space-like attention, the exact value of cells in a table do not necessarily capture our attention. Leaders focus on the big picture – as the complexity of reality cannot be “logically computed” with the left brain hemisphere -, administrators focus on the details – that cannot be grasped with the high flight of the right hemisphere -.

What is common in both is that we can choose any time which style we wish to apply. Both are based in the aware space of our consciousness which senses and at the same time influences anything.



In this article, we have learned about the nature of space and phenomena in general. Why was this a key stepping stone for us on our way of getting to know intuition? Because intuition unfolds in and operates in the laws of space / spacetime. The more we understand the functioning of space and try to keep it in our minds in every moment of our lives, the more we experience the appearance and later the blossoming of our aware intuition.



In the following article, we will examine how intuition appears in our physical-, biological bodies, and we take a look at which functions of our organs perceive, analyze, and raise the information into our conscious thoughts as a basis for decision-making?

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