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Professional Intuition In Decision-Making

According To The Spirit Of Our Times

Part I., Chapter 4.

Intuition In Sociology

- Spiral Dynamics Extended With Responsible Happiness [SDx]

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How does intuition develop during the natural evolution of society? What steps do we and our society have to walk through, in order to develop our intuitive understanding?

Proceeding step by step during our previous articles, we first examined how intuition is related to economics, (quantum) physics, and our biological reality, our body. Now let us expand our horizons and look at the ways in which the ability of intuition develops in the life of human beings and at different stages of the mental-habitual (memetical) development of societies.


The descriptive tool of our review was written by the psychologist and sociologist Professor Claire W. Graves (December 21, 1914 - January 3, 1986). Graves' students asked him: “Professor, you are teaching about different mental approaches and mindsets; which one is the best?”. He thought about it for a moment; then said that she/he did not know, because everyone thinks differently, still, he promised that he would examines the topic. Before formulating his descriptive methodology, he examined the development stories of many people. Summarizing all this, he described his experience, which he called "Spiral Dynamics" in simplified terms.

He realized that people's mindset had a general "style", still, we live our lives in a roughly summarizable “style”. We see our world according to our values. Our behaviors and attitudes - our memetics - change and evolve over the period according to our values. Graves called these value memes (value Meme, vMeme). At the end of his work-period, she/he handed over his knowledge to Dr. Don E. Beck, who unfolded it and published it with the co-writer Christoper C. Cowen as a book. This became “the bible” of spiral dynamics.


Spiral dynamics describes different levels of mental attitudes that follow each other in stages. However, it emphasizes that one can be happy at each level (if one chooses the positive side of the level in its thoughts, speech and actions). Anyone can be a good person, anyone can be happy.


As society evolves and more and more people reach the higher level memetics representing a growing percentage of the society, due to the higher level thinkers, also spiral dynamics has evolved, expanded. Additional levels were "attached" by different philosophers. Methods appeared that made the spiral-development more applicable to different segments of the individual, businesses and society. However, thanks to the Internet, the easy access to online streaming, e-books and other information, and also the development of the affordable air-travel industry we have been able to access and analyze the evolution and knowledge of almost all societies around the world, that were not accessible to Graves at the peak of his work.

If we are to illustrate the whole truth in our intuition-related articles, we are somewhat forced to formulate in words and describe few additional memetical steps based on literacy and some very partial experience of this writer, as extended levels attached to the existing system of Spiral Dynamics. We call it Spiral Dynamics Extended With Responsible Happiness, or just Spiral Dynamics Extended, SDx. We have to add that while it would be a great honor to facilitate the enhancement of the system of Spiral Dynamics to a new platform, we are basically in a completely different business. Some people approach intuition from the side of sociology – this article has been written to benefit them -, others approach their intuition from totally different angles. This article is just one tool of many in a series of approaches that have one purpose; to bring us all closer to developing our intuition.


Strategy first - The direction of human and social development

Before we move on to the SDx system, let us formulate our strategy in a very simplified and easily digestible way. What do we need to do to prepare the presently well-constructed system of spiral dynamics to mark the way towards an all-penetrating intuition?


First, we will review the current tires of spiral dynamics (Tier 1. and the lower part of Tier 2.) in order to let those catch up who are not yet familiar with it, and then we will do two things. On the one hand, we add the two memetical steps we will be using as extensions atop the existing vMemes, and on the other hand, we take an even more important step: we introduce another tier, that lies “next to or behind” Tier 1. and 2., in which our intuition can really unfold.


Levels of the Gravesian Spiral Dynamics


When we hear about spiral dynamics for the first time, it is worth labeling memetic levels with different color-names for easier references. Let's review the memetic steps below.


BEIGE – Archaic-Instinctual Survivor

Archaic instinctual awareness, or the survival-dependence level of the newborn. In both cases, the most important factor is to create the conditions of survival and living; instincts, emotions without intellectual control dominance. Children can only trust that their parents will protect them for survival; for adults, the basic needs of food, shelter, and fulfilling sexual needs are at stake.

As the idea arises that a group can better protect and secure the survival of the individual than the person alone, an openness towards a big family or community appears. If we are united, it is easier to kill the mammoth, the adult thinks; if the family is bigger, more people will care about me, thinks the child.


PURPLE – Magical-Animistic Family Centered

Ancestral community and "big Italian families". Typically listening to the elderly members of the family, elders are the elders (chief or head of the family). Believing in natural spirits or deities, magic, sowing and harvesting on certain special days, the wizard/ medicine man tells the future. When the family gathers, everyone “knows where their right place is”. One for all, all for one.

In family businesses, the key positions are being held by family members.


After a while, moving towards the next memetic level the individual begins to feel the desire to show that she/he is stronger and more powerful than any member of the family.


RED - The egoistic "Power-Gods"

The individual breaks out of family ties. A teenager does not want to obey their parents and wants to try out the world of party and sexuality; the outstanding performance of the warrior / the athlete shows that she/he is physically the strongest, she/he is the best. Kings rule by force, oppressing their subjects; heroes die in martyrdom. RED bosses yell at their subordinates and use the word f* word a lot. Sex, power, domination.


After a while, the hero becomes fed up with warfare, the continuous “manual control” and the "power games", and either starts searching for the meaning of life or just looks for a way to secure their position/ income by introducing or starting to comply with the rules.

BLUE - Champions of Law, Order and Justice

For a higher purpose, she/he somewhat renounces their egoism for the benefit of the community and enters into a hierarchical system that follows the "written" laws of a memetically higher being. It fights the battle between good and evil, for a better future. God, law, democracy, bureaucracy.

Companies are highly hierarchic and regulated.


When the BLUE realizes that the hierarchical system is taking advantage of them and begins to experience an inner tension, they express their desire to start to walk his own way.


ORANGE - Scientific / Materialist / Strategy and Effective Self-advocate

An ORANGE wants to make money here and now with great efficiency. One is therefore willing to expand his knowledge. To do this, one plans and acts as a "smart RED" with strategic considerations.


At the point when the BLUE have already made a significant / sufficient fortune, or have worked out and spoiled their health, the question arises: what is the meaning of life? "Do I live to work or do I work to live?"


GREEN - Emotionally Sensitive / Sustainability and Community Lover

Everyone is equal in nature (quasi, the idea of communist and the hippie generation). A GREEN thinks in "we": "We may all express our emotions because we care about each other at every level. The most important thing for us is harmony and we continue discussing it until everyone agrees on a particular decision. We preserve the world in a green / organic / bio-sustainable way. We supplement vitamins and adaptogens, we drink smoothies."

A GREEN needs a strong BLUE and an ORANGE to be able to keep its memetic healthy. Thanks to their bursting heart, GREEN often forgets to think. She/he is very enthusiastic about helping his friends – mainly other GREENs –, still, in case someone hurts her/his GREEN-principles, she/he can become a fighter-GREEN. Spiral dynamics slang calls them mean-GREEN.

Although mean-GREEN, belongs to the memetic of the GREENs, is not tolerant at all, it fights with anger against all who are not GREEN. They are not willing to/ or not able to understand that other people may think differently. Thus, unlike the bright friendly GREEN that tolerates and accepts others, the mean-GREEN is extremely exclusionary, aggressive, talks badly with hate-speech, intolerant, and in some cases fascist. Because mean-GREEN takes her/his emotions very seriously, she/he fights very enthusiastically. She/he cannot remain intelligent and diplomatic.

To avoid this state, a strong BLUE and bright ORANGE memetics are both needed to keep a GREEN healthy. BLUE provides the acceptance and observance of rules and hierarchy, and ORANGE provides the material conditions to sustain a GREEN life.


Having lived a "greenness" in a positive sense, the GREEN takes a big step in realizing that they themselves too have had to go through the previous stages of memetics to reach the GREEN level, so it might be wiser to accept and understand the previous memetics as well (which is not easy for a GREEN concerning ORANGE, and especially, RED). They start to accept the good side of every previous memetics and understand that they were needed as experiences to be able to arrive to GREEN. For example, GREEN’s harmony needs PURPLE’s quality to bring together and retain a family, RED’s powerful persistence, BLUE’s secure systems thinking, ORANGE’s ability to earn money.





Tier 2 is characterized by the ability to think in multiple memetics at the same time in order to fit a given topic to people with a particular thinking style. Here, people are able to think in any "color" (not only black and white, but multicolored) and is able to speak in the memetic language of any Tier 1 person she/he is talking to. This includes the fact that in the civilized parts of the world the average memetics currently moves on a scale of blue to green in terms of their "magnetization point", thus, also Tier 2 thinkers “appear” or “show themselves” with their respective activities, styles and language on these memetics. Tier 2 therefore does not mean anything else than being normal, just as Tier 1. Grounded people see certain topics more clearly / in their greater complexity or context, and in some cases, they can also solve these issues easier, while they are being the same as us. They undergo much deeper mental and psychical processes than us - that we do not usually perceive -, at the same time, because of their Tier 2 compassionate qualities they express themselves as we do.


As an example, a YELLOW sometimes acts as a RED, while she/he demonstrates that she/he has physical strength (eg. visits the gym with his associates) and also shows when time fits that she/he has a positively heroic mental strength; applying the BLUE memetics, she/he goes to work on a regular basis, while she/he builds a healthy democratic atmosphere there; as an ORANGE, she/he prepares an appropriate business plan and manages the company's assets in a profitable way; demonstrating his GREEN memetics, she/he earns people’s love and friendship, while she/he shares useful ideas with them about sustainability and healthy nutrition, as well as nutritional supplements and cleansing cures; in the meantime, it organises “the threads” as a clear-sighted YELLOW, creating well-functioning flows, human and material systems.


However, it is worth to note, that just as Level 1 has its positive and negative sides, Level 2 cannot become a completely exempted from it. Anyway, it becomes increasingly difficult to hold on to the negative side as one moves up the stairs of memetics as one understands the nature of the truth more and more. Thus, while we can proceed on all memetics from both negative and positive motivations, the only thing that connects them and what is certain is that we can only harvest what we have planted before.


This article describes the Tier 2 steps somewhat more extensively than the Tier 1 descriptions, because on the one hand there are many descriptions available about Tier 1 – from which, the book of Dr. Don Beck and Christopher Cowan is especially recommended for reading –, and on the other hand Tier 2 looks quite far beyond our everyday BLUE-ORANGE-GREEN views, thus, we need to provide more explanation. In the following article on the relationship between intuition and philosophy, the Dear Reader will find an in-depth descriptive explanation about the history and evaluation background of Tier 2.



YELLOW - Integrative Systems-Thinker

YELLOW on one hand sees accepts people's different ways of thinking, and she/he accepts them, as she/he realizes that she/he would not get to reach to surpass the GREEN memetics and step into YELLOW, if she/he would not have taken each step up on the stairway of memetics. Therefore, it accepts all previous memetical levels. She/he does not aim to be better then them, but exactly the opposite; she/he wants to be one of them, and even to help them secure their survival.


On the other hand, YELLOW recognises that in the world of constant change the only sure thing is, that everything changes continuously. Nothing is permanent. Not even our body, or whatever thing we think “I am”.

So, YELLOW becomes a master of the Systems Thinking; she/he simplifies, summarizes, look for trends, encourages on positive feedback-loops and synergies, etc., and because it can do nothing else, it puts the anyway self-arising change at its own good service.

He gives a note in time – earlier than others think of it -, plans three steps ahead, and improvises if/whenever needed without any hesitation, as this is the best she/he can do.

While people with Tier 1. memetics are usually afraid of change, YELLOW handles it. The Chinese character for crisis 危機 means “danger” and as well, “opportunity”. A YELLOW sees it exactly like this. She/he catches the neck of the snake, milks its fangs and makes medicine out of it.


Nevertheless, she/he realizes that the key to this ever-changing system is for everyone to find the place that suits them best. Thus, a YELLOW can create a local or even global systems/ projects that coordinate extremely complex processes. As a Tier 2 “upper-harmonic” BEIGE, is looking for forms and solutions that ensure the global survival of beings.


She/he sees that development is not necessary/ not possible to be forced; everyone should be allowed to prosper on their own level. What one can do is, that if someone is asking for help about how to "clarify" / cleanse negative issues in one’s own memetics or how to take one’s life to the next memetical level, YELLOW shall be available and be helpful with few useful tips. A dark YELLOW-, or we may as well say the dark view is very dangerous both for the perpetrator and for the sufferer. If one wants to realize or implement a system, local system, national or continental process or system of his own design, or another world order by force or with snake-like nature, and she/he tries to rape her/his ideas through the spiral by force, that will sooner or later generate a counter-effect. People, humanity, must be allowed to develop by their own. This is a universal rule. Anyone who breaks this must take into account the consequences that she/he is “demanding”.


At the same time, entering the first memetical step of Tier 2, a bright YELLOW finds itself in a whole new world. Specifically, since she/he has been able to see the world with a broader perspective than usual, therefore she/he is said to have Tier 2 memetics. It no longer focuses on itself, but on the entire global community of which she/he is a member of. From Tier 2, we talk about either "I" or "we" memetics, but working primarily for the global community, using techniques that are self-applied (on the “me” memetics) or ones applied in groups (on the “we” memetics).


However, there are company leaders about whom at first sight one would think that they represent YELLOW qualities because they seem to easily jump over some harder factors, non-easy behaving people, issues, and they behave sometimes like this, sometimes like that. They seem to be consciously changing their views.

In case we want to be sure that those are YELLOW people with whom we have business with, then maybe we take a bit closer look and check for example, if they have experienced the GREEN memetics earlier in their lives; if they can behave GREENs, if they take vitamins, if they love to be in the nature, and if they recommend to take organic products, if they can relax into situations in which everyone is equal or not.

It worths checking them for a while and observing how they behave, because it may happen, that – in case they lose their head and good style manners if something doesn't happen as they thought it should – they actually have narcissistic personality disorder or they are simply sociopaths – they pretend as if they loved people and would be kind to them, though they just represent their own interests at every moment in a hidden way –. In one moment it may seem to us that they have quite high emotional intelligence, in the next we may become convinced, that actually they have none of this noble quality. Additionally, if they change their emotions very quickly, for example, they are smiling enthusiastically in one moment, and display draconian anger in the other because of an imagined problem, then suddenly act kind again, etc., and they frequently point on people and state that “they are fault”, then they very probably suffer from bipolar or even borderline personality disorder; they are just simply mentally ill. Still, we can only hope, that we are not facing one satanists from about 3% (upto 10%) of population[i] that places its Ego-illusion into the middle of the world.


Thus, the best indicator therefore next to spotting egotism, is to monitor anger. A real-, bright YELLOW rarely gets angry because he understands why people with a Tier 1 memetics view think as they think, they understand people′s motivations, and as doing so, they compassionately understand their people′s mistakes as well; no matter what happens, he treats people who make mistakes or attack him/her as medical patients, not as enemies. Mistakes are caused usually by not-knowing, therefore the YELLOW first shares information with a helping motivation. When he sees a helping motivation behind it, he does not care about people’s faults.

In case he encounters deaf ears-, negative motivation or attacking attitude, then, without any doubt or worry he performs or gets performed what has to be done, or not stepping into the mud himself either, he just turns his nose away from the smell of anger and walks away.

This is a trait of all Tier 2 thinkers. Tier 1 fights with others (for their family, for itself, for the truth, for money, for the nature), at the same time Tier 2 understands and accepts Tier 1 memetic thinkers and protects them from each other in case their intention is good-hearted.


Anger is similar to slowing car of our development down and even to switching into a reverse gear. Anger can instantly burn up the good impressions we have accumulated before and make our social connections with people really hard. Anyone who tries to justify or even glorify anger is preaching a mistaken view, as we are aware of the manyfold illness-causing effects of the aroused sympathetic nervous system.

Power is, to have the mental strength to be able to handle one's own inner emotions. Angry people like crying children with weak inner mental strength – as they cannot innerly handle their anger, they turn it outward –; except, if they belong to the group of people that follow an idealism that especially cultivate it based on their books.


It is important thus, to be able to distinguish between an opportunist ORANGE that regularly falls down to RED-BLUE, from and true YELLOW.


Of course, the YELLOW’s job is not easy. By putting together processes in which everyone finds their right place, they are able to create a physically rules-driven community in which everyone deals with their own noble business. This is not an easy task to achieve - especially when the REDs fired by the BLUEs rise up against the ORANGE princes and counts, or when the BLUE proletarians attack the ORANGES for the sake of an idealistic GREEN-community vision that is inoperable in itself called communism, or when the Liberal dark GREENS that just passed beyond ORANGE want to tell the conservative BLUEs what the world really is and how a real human shall behave in it -. Those multicultural societies can work well, in which the coexisting cultures are at roughly the same memetic level. Therefore, the BLUE-RED Palestinian-Muslim culture is completely un-compatible with the ORANGE-GREEN Hebrew-Jewish culture, despite the fact that both speak the language families of the Semites[ii]. In the cases of significant differences, coexistence can only be controlled by very strong laws (see the West Bank or Malaysia).


Therefore, when YELLOW has perfected its organizational qualities, the thought appears in her/him, how great it would be to connect and unite not only scientific knowledge-hubs, power centers, and similarly experienced people at the global level, but at the same time to create an innerly harmonious global community, in which the optimized processes and the sense of belonging are intertwined.



TURQUOISE - Holistic Global Family

One might think that on this level it is about globalization efforts, but that is only partially true. This level can manifested in one's life simply by feeling comfortable with different types of people from different countries, as long as they have peacefully good intentions as well. TURQUOISE may in particular manifest itself in the search for truths that can be regarded as key values in the mutual harmonization of human life. It identifies values and attitudes that can make Earth dwellers members of a great Earth-family. Similarly, it also takes into account the forces of nature, energies and (quantum)physics.

It is worth noting here that TURQUOISE is not just an idealistic second octave PURPLE, but has the basic view of Tier 2; thus, it can defend itself even as a RED, if the circumstance require it.


A TURQUOISE takes into account the natural forces and energies similarly as PURPLE does, but relies on scientific sources. Thus, his/her vision includes the "mystical" discoveries of science – such as accepting the statements of quantum physics that "reality is relative", "there are parallel universes", "matter can be splintted infinitely, until eventually returns into space", and eg “it would be nonsense to think, that from the 11 trillion universes, intelligent life only exists in our solar system and only on this tiny planet called Earth” – at first hearing (without feeling the necessity to study it). The TURQUOISE expands its worldview relying on the universalities of the physical/ material world.

Because TURQUOISE has already experienced YELLOW, it is able to create global systems as YELLOW does, still, it leaves it on YELLOW to perform this task. It is enough for him/her to have the insight into global trends and to point out the directions of development. Summarizing its conclusion in one sentence, entrust its implementation to the YELLOWs, who put it into practice.

As a knowledgeable Tier 2 PURPLE tribe-leader, she/he provides guidance for the YELLOW, so that they may unleash their organizational motives in a globally agreed environment.


A TURQUOISE, recognises and experiences the appearance of intuition in its family/ friends, she/he takes it seriously, understands and accepts that it exists. She/he also begins to try his wings; he begins to test his own intuition, and checks whether it is useful to benefit others, or the community. Talks about (quantum)fields and applies outplaceable field-modifying tools as orgonites, 5GBioShield, or blessed items.



Memetic steps described following Dr. Beck's book

In Dr. Beck's book, the memetic staircase starts with BEIGE and the highest level of memetic described in it is TURQUOISE; still, he does not write too much about YELLOW and TURQUOISE. He says a bit more about these two vmemes in his audio material, at the same time he expresses, that for him these vmeme levels are not crucial/ significant for him to analyze, as there exist only very few people on these vmeme levels. He also mentions that there may be additional levels, but we do not get further information about these vmeme levels from him. Following Dr. Beck's book, the Tier 2 vmemes were explored by several thinkers, in consultation with Dr. Beck or apart from that, the descriptions of another two Tier 2 memetic levels – CORAL and TEAL – have emerged.


TURQUOISE starts to move toward CORAL when it realizes that in many cases in order to secure that people may live in harmony, a leader is required. The TURQUOISE, that begins to see the depth, the connections and impact of relationships, begins to feel that in order for people to move in the right direction, it is necessary for someone, to occasionally take the lead. If it is useful, the TURQUOISE accepts to become the leader and thus, grows into the shoes of a CORAL.


CORAL - Global Leaders / Implementers of Higher Purposes ("Human Half-Gods")

CORAL, as a “Tier 2 RED”, has leadership ambitions, at the same time thanks to its Tier 2 perspective, it has a much relaxed, broader, and more “spatial” understanding about it. She/he is able to lead and she/he is ready to do it, has the necessary/ right capacities, abilities and leadership skills, at the same time she/he is not keen to do it. Sometimes she/he follows, sometimes she/he leads, depending on the situation, the circumstances and the aspects of usefulness. While RED does not care too much about the PURPLE-family vmeme, CORAL cares about TURQUOISE. She/he has an overview on the various power circles and knows their control-points. However, the CORAL does no longer lead for its own sake; it leads to fulfill goals that serve the interests of a larger community, a country, a continent or the world.

She/he leads in a way that helps people achieve their goals.

CORAL’s maybe most interesting quality is, that it is able to see a certain situation from different perspectives, angles and several contexts, thus, it can offer a solution that can yield results that are useful in a multi-purpose way.

If her/his vision is supported by fitting level of financial resources, it can achieve great things on the global scale. No wonder that an ordinary person might consider him a "swell-headed gigantomaniac" in case CORAL promotes her/his aims and goals on a wide scale.


CORAL also sees that when people of a certain type, mindset or ability are concentrated in a community, once they reach a certain level of population density – that is about 16% according to the law of crossing the chasm[iii] – that certain capability or character passes on to others. CORAL allocates people-, uses timing and communication accordingly. We may think of the migration wave - fueled and organized by the dark side of the CORAL memetics – that attacks the wealthy countries of Europe. Many Western Europeans talk nowadays about the way in which organized migration force Western cultures to adopt the economic-migrants' habits – abusing western women and so on –, while this newcomers gain democratic majority through their above-average reproduction rate.


Organisations that belong CORAL level are UNICEF[iv], IMF[v], G20[vi], BRICS[vii], a Bilderberg Group[viii], Committee of 300[ix], and we could list it long. We let the awareness intelligence of the Dear Reader decide, to which side of the CORAL memetics these belong, the dark or the bright side.


A bright CORAL invests more in developing his intuition than the average, because she/he often has the wish to become “the best” in order to help others. To do that, she/he develops (also) the inner capabilities. It practices with brainwave measurement technologies, meditates and downloads ESP applications to her/his smartphone. As a leader, she/he senses if someone does not fit into the "vibration field of the team", at the same time she/he observes her/his own mental and energetical tendencies as well.


At one point, during its activities CORAL realizes that the key to a truly deep-reaching, extensive, large-scale effect is multiplication and connections. Her/his focus shifts more and more to networks, on deep relationships and connections, including the emotional and thought-fields that inspire people with the same interest.


TEAL - Global / Universal Law Of Causality and Interconnection Through Fields

The CORAL has worked effectively with various power circles; now she/he sees that it is better to develop emotional and mental tendencies that can automatically guide even the CORAL-level decision-makers towards the right path. When the majority of the continent's population wants to see improvements in a certain topic, it is advisable for political leaders to act in a supportive way accordingly, as well. Because she/he already knows the effecting factors, she/he feel the potential of the effect “in its bones”. Finds or creates the seeds of the right causes that inspire the expected/ right effects that emerge from them. TEAL can quite well calculate the unfolding effect of the planted seeds – considering the characteristics of the networks of relationships involved in the process or the nature of expected reactions of the individual entities involved – and can also estimate how these effects can further support the realization of the expected goals. For example they share an information with the person with the right network a line of reasoning of a new philosophical trend, which could first lead to books, then leaflets / media impulses, and later revolutions, if the topic comes to the hands of a good-organizer YELLOW through eg. a “master-apprentice” network.

A TEAL is not only conscious on the causal levels of communication and action; she/he is also conscious on the level of mental (quantum) fields as well. He understands the way one can connect to them and the way of modifying them - applying scientifically proven methods and tools.


As a 2nd generation BLUE, TEAL can create a "hierarchy" that is invisible - to which people agree by themselves. She/he can achieve that everyone follows her/him without knowing that they do so.

A dark-sided TEAL knows exactly the law of causality, so it does not take any action before she/he would have informed its "clients" beforehand, directly or indirectly, relying on usually the lack of awareness intelligence (AQ) of the pour people. "Hidden on plane sight" - refers on the subliminal messages conveyed by symbols placed in front of our eyes – that we can not-, or do not feel the necessity to understand in its deeper meanings –, such as the symbols of the one-dollar bill, or the messages of Hollywood movies. Thus, in the absence of sufficient awareness, the message becomes a quasi subconsciously accepted “contract” between the two parties, and based on that, what happens after the message. The perpetrator “told you in advance”, and “it is your problem that you did not listen”.

The same is valid for the positive side. The TEAL can introduce certain words into the public consciousness that can liberate people's consciousness, such as the space-nature of mind; it can place symbols or representations that create more harmony through its morphic field - like crop circles[x] as the flowers of life[xi], etc. -.


While Turquoise physically relates to intuition and (quantum) fields - observes and attempts to modify it by outer means -, TEAL uses them wherever possible, in subliminal messages as well. She/he accumulates in-depth knowledge based on significant number of scientific research.

Heading towards the next level of memetics, after TEAL went deep into – in the best case – positively influencing people's habits and mindsets-, after she/he studied the (quantum) fields, TEAL starts to discover that she/he sees the world through the personally-colored sunglasses of its own consciousness and she/he sees and interprets everything through it. Further more, she/he sees that one does not only interpret the world according to its sunglasses, but also wants to project the same color onto the world as his own lenses. From this, TEAL concludes that there are two things that can eventually be done in the world: to escape from it or to get used to it. She/he either changes the (outside) world according to the color of her/his glasses - which is not impossible, of course, still, it is not a project that can be easily accomplished -, or, she/he may as well decide to change her/his own (inner) lenses.

If one chooses this second version of choice, one wins twice, because one changes the outside world in vain, if you still value it through your own glasses; and the glasses can change color, wear out, and the glass may crack over time.

TEAL thus takes control of its life in all respects, taking responsibility for what it does and how it reacts to things that happen to it. It does not “explain its certificate” by saying that an outside creator wanted things to happen that way, but sees that “he who sows reaps”. Therefore, this memetical level is a dividing line. Whether one points outwards or inward in a particular situation is a significant factor. Whether one “outsources” its own responsibility to an external factor (eg. “God wanted it to happen like this”, or “this all happened because of Steve”), or it is being internally processed is vastly different, they cannot be washed together, they split into two completely different memetics. The person who is accustomed to pointing outwards disrespects those who do not realize what she/he think is real, while a man who believes only in its own experience, the power and responsibility of her/his own mind, considers the former to be great-hearted, but not very clever. Of course, as a Tier 2. thinker, a TEAL accepts the outward pointer, as this kind of thinking is useful also in some levels, but TEAL does not follow them.

Therfore, TEAL is a cooking pot, that serves to boil out the basis of the essential things, so that the really important things become separated, just like recognising that the mirror is different than the images.

SPIRAL DYNAMICS EXTENDED (SDx) with Responsible Happiness


This well-meaning writer suggests that the six-level memetic division defined in Graves’ and Dr. Beck’s system of Spiral Dynamics defined for Tier 1 shall be applied to Tier 2 as well. Let us thus expand the Graves’ Tire 2. (YELLOW & TURQUOISE) that over the years has been expanded traditionally by CORAL & TEAL with two additional levels GOLD & LIME.


What is the point of this? Why are we doing this? Because it doesn’t matter what percentage of the population is currently in the top two levels of Level 2 memetics; what important is, that how many more can get there. We consider the glass half full and express what it is like when it is full. Even though we are driving in a mist, we want to see the farthest, so we turn on the fog lights.

Because keeping the benefit of humanity in mind we plan to be beneficial on the long term, we know how much it means to set a clear goal and to show the corresponding route — and to let people know about it and walk on it if they wish.

Even the fact that we are thinking and talking about it opens up the space, strengthens the morphogenetic field, making it easier for us and others to move forward.


So let us not be reluctant to talk about these levels of memetics, since it all starts with this communication. We are not only passively look at when the majority of society will reach the Tier 2. higher memetics - and we may only talk about those memes if we can talk to the masses about it - but we help people to move forward; we talk about it, creating the opportunity for rapid development, ourselves. If someone knows about it, understands it, and does not talk about it, it means that they are either interested only in the business part of it and to be popular, or they want to keep it a secret for some reason. Here we represent the maximum good and interest of humanity.
Simply said, we care. We believe that it is a great thing to be human, still, at the same time we never know how much time we have left in our lives - because anything can happen anytime -, thus only way we can stand firm if we take responsibility for moving forward and improving others’ and our own lives. It is a great fortune in itself to be able to hear about this topic at all, as it is immensely powerful in enhancing memetic development.


This is because the higher we set the bar - the higher memetical levels we talk about - the more driving force our thoughts have. And when we put on the high jump bar and then run towards it, we are surprised to find that it is not so high, in fact, it is only a matter of whether we have stepped on it or not. Then we can only really see what a great offense it would have been not to talk about these levels of memory.


What do we base our theory on? Economics, Quantum Physics, Biology, Sociology, Philosophy and Psychology. All these point on the same universal essence - as five doors of a house -, on the space-like intuitive nature of mind.

The essence of the first three factors has been explained in the previous three articles; in this article we add the fourth, sociology. In the following two articles about the relationship of intuition to philosophy and psychology, the reason for adding the two additional memetical levels of GOLD and LIME are explained in further details.


Those with a strong evidentiary approach may require more detailed and scientific information than the present line of hypothesis described in this article, it is the best proposal for them to treat the essence of the mentioned five scientific areas as a single entity. This requires at least partial knowledge in the science of these five factors. This well-meaning writer has done his homework and does his best to condense it into articles on these singular topics. It is therefore recommended that the Dear Reader may read the following two articles as well in order to have the complete information about the same essence mentioned. The form of the articles is thus apt to point the way, still, since the goal is to spread the information contained in the series of articles to a wide range of people, the articles cannot and do not serve as academic materials; rather an easy-to-read, guiding, thought-provoking source for series of hypothesis.

Let us think and develop together. Be positively critical; let us not accept something just because a famous person says that it is like that and you have to believe it. Let us let us look deep into it and find it out ourselves. We shall not just criticize and say very wisely what we think this or that is not good; let us focus on what the truth is and make suggestions. How would you think of it? How would you say it, express it? How would you do it?


To further enhance the tensed excitement and the Dear Reader’s interest, it is worth noting at this point that, in addition to what has already been mentioned, we will propose in this article the further development of Spiral Dynamics; next to Tier 1. & Tier 2. we also initiate the introduction of another memetical Tier, that serves quasi as a meta-memetical level of Tier 1 & 2. We approach this in terms of responsible happiness, the concept of which is also explained.


So let's start filling the promising gold-frame outlined here with the fitting right content.


GOLD - Universal Influencer / Mind-Examiner / Seeker Of God-like Happiness

GOLD makes a great discovery that lies is much closer to the quantum-truth-nature of the world than the approach of any previous memetics. It sounds like this: after all, it all depends on the colored glasses of my consciousness. I interpret impulses coming from outside as I see the world through my sunglasses, my personal way of seeing things; similarly, I express my inner intentions towards the world in a way that I see the world through my sunglasses-, through my personal perspective. If I change my dark sunglasses to red glasses, I will see the world differently and thus, the world will change accordingly as well.


Taking a look on the world from this point of view, after interpreting any impulse that is arriving to us from outside, we see nothing but our own lenses; likewise, when we express our inner mental impulses outward, we display nothing but the light transmitted by-/ shine through our own sunglasses: our own way of seeing things. Considering this, after all we may say, that everything shows us the color of our own states of consciousness (according to which we interpret outer impulses and express our inner thoughts out in the world).


Thus, it is worth cleaning our glasses, even taking them off. The GOLDEN person starts have the experience to be able to play with her/his own consciousness as a sculptor with a sculpture of clay. Adds to it on some parts, takes away on other parts, transforms it freely and test how the world changes around her/him. It observes what else she/he can achieve by simply shaping its own consciousness according to what is useful for others’ (and for her/his) good-willing current purpose. By doing so, GOLD can achieve even a universal influence, while being regarded even as a Gods or universal rulers by some groups of beings of Tier 1.’s first four memetics – as suggested in the book of the sociologist William Bramley, The Gods Of Eden[xii]. Just for the sake of it, let us imagine a GOLDen thinker who achieved the qualities of this vmeme not not only mentally but also physically, appears with his supersonic helicopter-jet amongst the tribal community of PURPLE memetic aboriginals. Will they not glory the GOLD memetic person as a God? Of course they will.

If additionally the mentioned GOLD-memetic being is egotistical – develops things or beings for her/his own sake, not for the sake of every being –, then she/he will be proudly harvest the “energy-laurels” of the situation and create a cult. (Quetzalcoatl[xiii], aera of the pharaos[xiv] etc.)


However, in a better case, the GOLD's selects not the "dark side" but the "light side" as a view. He has a much more subtle "scientific egoism" than the ORANGE, one octave below. In its search for the truth, she/he continuously examines what real or constant qualities does the body he that she/he has identified with throughout her/his life. She/he examines her/his habits, why she/he does that.


The crest of her/his craft is that she/he can wear sunglasses with any colors. Like pink, for example, whenever and wherever she/he wants. Because happiness and joy are just a feelings-, an energy flow to which we can associate any intensity, GOLD learns to play with it as she/he wants. GOLD no longer depends on any external cause of happiness and joy. These, depend on her/his intention. GOLD picks up the pink glasses whenever she/he wants to. Like all other emotions-, she/he applies it in the best way to inspire and develop people.


A GOLDEN style thinker steps even further than that; she/he is mainly thinking about what is the core essence and "meaning" of things appear in space, as matter (the body and the material appearances in the world), energy (the flow of energy within the body and between people, the quantum/ morphic fields) and the essence of conscious awareness.


With a strategically heroic attitude GOLD can do great things for others, yet she/he still has the idea that the world is “real”, concrete, solid, unchanging, and that She/He does something with Others. The mental veil of separation still hangs in front of her/his eyes; she/he “pushes away” certain things or people, and get “pulls in” or gets engaged with others.


It should be noted therefore, that even a slight tendency, due to which one identifies her/himself with her/his body, instead of his mind, is just enough to not to allow her/himself – to say it as it is - to step out from the kindergarten of her/his tendency of self-limiting mental operation to her/his own non-superficial / deeply conscious school of free mind, free space, free “youtellwhat”. So what do you need for this? On the way to the next vmeme, GOLD starts to look for this.


LIME - Universally Aware Space-Nature Expert

Each and every being’s true nature is ultimately space-nature. Everything appears in space, plays around in space and finally melts back into space. The only constant and unchanging thing in this process is the conscious space-like awareness that experiences all this. Our mind has space-nature; and looking this phenomena from another angle, the only thing that happens is, that the playful space manifests itself as individual(ly experienced) minds, each of which has the same core quality; space-nature. Just as a child has the qualities of its parents, our minds have a quality of space. Thus, it does not worth to identify ourselves with our bodies, as it comes and goes; likewise, and especially our thoughts and feelings come and go. Our minds, and what we finally are is not else than space-nature.

Therefore, we see that finally there no inner or outer treasure that we shall hold on to, there is nothing that continuously exists, still, there is no non-existent either, as space continuously fluctuates.

From the perspective of space even the biggest pain or the highest happiness are nothing else than energy-movements, and the only thing it does is that it naturally proves the fluctuating nature of space. For us – serious adults – these factors are all very important; from the perspective of space though, every movement that appears in space just proves its energy/ joy-nature.

This is the way LIME thinks.


The writings, teachings and information of the TEAL - GOLD - LIME thinkers are available eg. in the form of books, so anyone has a chance to get to know them. The more information we have about what they say, the closer we feel to what this triumvirate tell us about our own reality. However, the presence of information about a memetic level, does not yet mean the accomplishment of that memetic. To know something, to talk about that knowledge and to experience it are two totally separate and different worlds. Who can be credible? Of course, the one who does not only know about it, but also experiences what he is talking about in her/his everyday life. More specifically; she/he only talks about what she/he experiences.


In addition, a TEAL-GOLDEN-LIME trio has such subtle tendencies and mental habits that it may seem "very much above-the ground" to the average person with Tire 1 memetics if it loudly/ proudly praises its "superior Tier 2. memetics”. Fact are facts, the memetic steps reflect the mental/ memetical evolution of beings, still, the key to Tier 2. is to accept Tier 1.-memetics and their viewpoints from the heart, to like them and to like to “speak their language”, while one finds it positively enjoyable to do so. This is valid for all memetical levels of Tier 2.

In practice, it means nothing else than that they are living an ordinary citizen’s life, applying any of the Tier 1. memetics based on considerations of usefulness. They take the out the garbage, do sports, go to work, do business/ make money, take a beer with friends. Whenever someone beats her/his chest and claims that she/he is a Tier 2. thinker, then this is certainly not the case, because Tier 2. thinkers love people and would no way hurt them by fleshing their noble abilities.


It is thus a natural process, that people who are able to think with common sense, or critical scientists can very easily kick the stool out from below those, who hold their noble noses up . At this point, their name is put on the test if they actually experience the levels that they are talking about, or they are just talking about it in a clever-, smart- though intelligent way.

The test is very simple: we shall just criticize your person. Let us tell him with noble simplicity that "it is nonsense what you write" and, in fact, "you are no smarter than what you wrote".

A true TEAL thinks in this moment, "Hmm, actually it doesn't matter whether I'm smart or not, but how much it helps creatures globally; let us talk about it together to see if we come up with a good idea. Anyway, surely it is no coincidence that this critic has been expressed, as nothing is a coincidence; so what is the real, deep-seated reason for saying that? What may have been the root cause with which I made her/him to say this?”.

A real GOLD thinks in this case, "Hmm, all right, it is a very surprising thought; in any case, this is an exceptional chance to learn to transform my mental turbulences, thus, I can learn quite a lot from this case by examining and analyzing the feelings that appear in me in connection to it. Anyway, maybe I shall formulate my word a little bit differently, or actually learn more, to avoid that my words ‘get hook in’ someone’s thoughts and feelings.”. When the intensity of its personal feelings step over the zenith, and calm down a bit, he asks himself, "Huhh, that was a clever and strong gorilla; anyway, it also just comes and goes in space".

A real LIME thinks “Hahh, a clever try, but let's just move on. What else is there for the present day? Is there anything at all that can influence the spatial nature of consciousness? Does it even matter whether someone has written something or not?"

The “higher” one moves on the scale of memetics and the more time one devotes to understand the space-nature of inner and outer realities, the more one lets go the idea that she/he is a truly existing “self” that can be harmed. Because, in fact, our core essence cannot be harmed. The more one identifies with its space-nature instead of its body, the more relaxed one gets about things in life.


Though this well-meaning writer has information about all levels of Tier 2., in his everyday experience he is not yet a member of the groups of 500-pound silverback gorilla herds of the TEAL-GOLD-LIME triumvirate – in best case he may apply to the YELLOW-TURQOUISE league, only –, thus, concerning the above, he would not represent a high-valued trophy to go for. Anyway, in the next article he will express the sources of his words in more details.


Let us dive somewhat deeper into the analysis of LIME’s characteristics in order to obtain a more accurate picture about this vmeme. In order to receive thorough insight, let us compare it with the previous vmeme, GOLD.


We have seen that TEAL focuses on the physical causal level, GOLD focuses on the analysis of emotions and thoughts, the energies of consciousness, and LIME focuses on the space-like mental sphere of mind. In particular, let us draw our attention to the two higher memetics, GOLD and LIME, as understanding their relationship more may be quite instructive for us.

While GOLD is curious about how conditioning, addiction, and conceptualization develops or appears in the mind, LIME breaks/cuts through all kinds of conditioning with awareness.

While GOLD examines its own mindset, memetics, its habits and subconscious functioning, at the same time LIME “does not even care about caring about mind”.

GOLD looks at the spatial nature of the mirror by cutting throught the images, LIME looks at the pictures that appear and disappear from spatial nature’s perspective.

"What great things can the consciousness do, while the true nature of every appearance is spatial!" says the GOLDEN-memetic thinker, analyzing the pictures. By contrast, LIME says “how limitless the spatial nature of consciousness is, as next to having the nature of space-time, holographic appearances in any numbers can appear and disappear-, come and go in it.

While GOLD wants to control the mind – wants to hold it and keep it in one place, or to say stop the flow of thoughts and emotions that naturally appear in mind, and then wants to examine the essence of emerging tendencies - LIME leaves the river flow by itself, as it is. For LIME, the stronger the flow, the better, because the fresher; the more opportunities appear to experience the spatial nature of mind at the moment the impulses that appear. "Wow, this is spatial and that is spatial too."

GOLD says “it is beneficial for all to do good for all beings”, while LIME says, “of course, if you wish, do what you wish to do, at the same time at the end of the day it is better not to do anything and leave the whole thing as it is, as not the images matter, but the boundless spatial essence behind them”.

LIME has less fears or feeling of withdrawal about thoughts and emotions, or even to any phenomenon than GOLD, because in LIME focuses on the spatial nature of reality.

While GOLD likes to generate on happiness and joy, LIME cares about the awareness about any feelings.

Therefore we can say that GOLD and LIME are very close siblings. They talk about the same coin, just one is approaching from the right and the other is approaching from the left side.


If our true nature is space and time without limits, then whatever happens, in the end we can only gain something from it (either pleasure or experience).

Recognizing this, LIME develops deep confidence and an experience-level conviction in intuition. The synthesis of consciousness and matter, its internal and external unity, the feeling of "non-separation" are unfolding. There is nothing that can be separated from anything, so any information from anywhere is available anytime.


LIME's view is thus not to to focus on mental complexity, complex intellectual management, or very clever integration of different things, but exactly the opposite. Simplifying, releasing, not taking things seriously, providing the opportunity to consciousness to return from the turbulences to its most energy-efficient-, relaxed place, to its natural state. Using the nerve-circles of the heart instead of the brain, understanding and using mind instead of the intellect, considering the mirror and not the images in it, diving deep into the sea instead of swimming up and down on the waves. Books are useful for a while because they have a couple of pages that contain essential information; they are only restricted after one level; intellect limits the possibility of experience; therefore, these two seldom go hand in hand.

Books are useful for a while because they have few pages that contain essential information; anyway, they have only a limiting effect after a certain level. Intellect limits the possibility of experience, therefore, these two seldom go hand in hand. One can rarely find a person who has a bright intellect and a healthy body at the same time.

No matter how smart one is, it does not mean that she/he knows her/his own consciousness and has a mentionable level of intuition. From the point of view of knowing mind and thus the natural enfoldment of intuition, the intellect does not worth a dime; it only creates a fog-like turbulence of thought-images as a hindrance. If one can not describe the essence of what one wants to say in 10 lines, one could not do it in 10.000 pages either; and if one can, what is the 10.000 pages needed for? For a fog? For deception? To have some sellable titles?


No wonder therefore, that the bright GOLD and the bright LIME, like other Tier 2. memetics, live a normal life in the ordinary Tier 1. world, presenting Tier 1. memetics.

As an addition, they have the opportunity and ability to stay longer in the state of observation of consciousness and mind (GOLD) and to spend time in the concept-less and frill-free state of mind (LIME). Though they can not hold their view continuously, at least they try, while eg. taking the garbage down, sitting on the throne, doing the washing or while making love.


To conclude, in fact, LIME focuses solely on the "universal essence", the nature of reality. It seeks to relax in the fresh moment, the moment of "what is", to take a glimpse behind the scenes of thoughts and feelings; and if it does not work out at the moment, it does not matter, that fact is still interesting; “it will mature itself”.

For a LIME the essence means recognizing the space-like nature of everything that appears/reflects (inner or outer) in its own mind; or to formulate it a bit more punctual, to rest in a spontaneous awareness in the nature of reality. She/he does not run after causal way of “collecting” good mental impressions, because – according to her/his view - what is made up by causes it will also fall apart as a result. And what changes or falls apart, one can not really trust. What one can trust though, is the nature of space; as it has not been put together, thus, it can not fall apart. Spacetime is the unchanging stage, in which the dramatic actions of causality enfold. The curtain goes up, and falls down, the theater is the same.


Luckily, our mind has the same space nature as well, thus its essence – the true nature of our mind – cannot fall apart. Space cannot be harmed or separated; it constantly penetrates all and is always permanent. Only the pictures change in the mirror while the mirror continues to shine.

In short, whatever one would want to "achieve", once achieved, when its conditions are not present anymore, after some time it will necessarily fall apart.

Therefore, LIME says, that one may raw in the ocean of causality in any direction looking for food, still, one can not get too far. One may choose to paddle for the sake of it, for the fun of it, nevertheless, at the end of the day, why would one do that? It may be a better idea just to accept the situation as it is. In this case, it may be more beneficial to jump into the ocean when one is too keen for action or is too hungry, catch few fishes, to roast them on the sun or to dry them and have some good salty fish. One shall not run after things, but get relaxed into their own nature – says the LIME.


So, what is the point of a causal endeavor, what can be achieved with it?

After all, on one hand it makes sense, on the other it does not make too much sense. LIME seeks to see through the moving images, cut through them and relax consciously in the space one can find behind the thoughts and feelings; the space, from which images appear. LIME plays with causation, still, sometimes she/he does the exact opposite than one should, in order to breaks out from its own habits and to release its final grips of the handrails of safe concepts.

At the same time, he finds that the experience of the freedom of her/his consciousness really manifests itself only when, in the role of GOLD, she6he sometimes “works with the images” as well, turning them into positive ones. It is easier to wake up from a good dream (GOLD’s focus), still, one has to wake up also from a positive dream (LIME’s focus). In addition to not taking it too serious, LIME plays with causality, utilizes and uses its advantageous sides.


According to GOLD's thinking, an additional advantage of causality is that if a person follows a "path" that has already produced quite a few a good results, then that path works, thus, sooner or later we will as well achieve the goal as an effect. However, LIME also says that we do not have to find our “path” or follow some “way” because that is also just a concept; reality is the only worth seeing, the way it appears in the nature of mind. You never know when, still, the sun will rise one day. We just have to provide the chance or opportunity for it, and to that extent the essence of the necessary action is exhausted.


Finally, it almost does not matter in what way we strive or what exercises we do if we have the right view that leads to a result. We can meditate, trade, be artisans, kings / heads of state, or just wrap seeds on the market selling our products, it doesn’t matter; the point is what “view” we do it with.


What does the term “view” mean? It is simply how we see the world, and what underlying motivation we have. We see the world as a serious and densely condensed matter in which things happen through hardships and with great dramatic oscillations, or we see it as a light space-nature in which everything is an interesting holographic dream from which we can awaken at any moment? Similarly to the glass that is half full, as a GOLD we can decide what we choose as our own reality. Any hindrances may appear, that only purifies the way in from of the bigger good that will happen next.

Beyond a point, LIME is not really even interested in what’s going on, in fact, it explicitly strives to take neither good nor bad seriously. She/he clears the frills and he thanks very much he is doing very well - experiencing the space-nature of his mind, whatever happens -.


How is this “indifference” different from the “indifference” presented by King RED, for example? Not much, still, in a lot. It is not much different in the perspective that both LIME and RED have the same space-like, self-liberating nature of mind, yet, during on its journey, LIME consciously accumulated a lot of good impressions, a lot of essential information, observed and purified its mind in many ways, which enabled her/him to dare to look through his own subconscious into the real-, spatial nature of her/his mind.


To move on, LIME’s only job is to relax in what is. She/he no longer strives to change images and to expand pleasure as a GOLD does. As a LIME, he gained experience in how to cut through images or see through them with awarensss, constantly searching for their space-like nature. Now she/he was accustomed to this as well, it became natural for her/him. It is becoming increasingly indifferent to LIME who is watching what; the whole experience of the subject-object-action starts to merge – it does not matter from which angle we aim to get closer to their meaning –; a LIME simply let anything happen to anyone at any time. This may sound quite incomprehensible to us at first hearing; what to say, it is no coincidence that our memetics are not yet LIME. Anyway, it is okay. Let us treat this view in a neither black nor white box, but in a gray one, until we get to this memetic step. At that time it will be enough to recall this line of thought.


At the same time, the best we can hold this view in our everyday life, the sooner it will get us to LIME. The higher the aim is, the strongest the up-pulling power. We can build a house from bottom up or we can also choose to be the crane operators building everything from the eagle’s perspective.

At the end of the day we are not talking about more than that we shall decide to turn a small switch in our minds, and just think a bit differently. That should not be so hard. What to say, due to our mental habits, its not too easy either. Still, we are free to try.


The time when LIME can move on is, when it is no longer dependent on joy or sorrow, it is not even looking for the awareness that recognises them; it does not run after anything, and does not necessarily want to “do” something. By letting go of his “felling of necessity to act” for her/his self and others, she/he allows his mind to show itself simply as it is. She/he allows her/himself to relax into this and to let go of the role of controlling conductor - that dominates consciousness -, and at the same time she/he allows the self-liberating power of mind to unfold, the luxury of staying in the spontaneous space. When we can do this most of the time, it is inevitable that our mind will free itself and find itself in the next memetic level, in the “aha” experience of the spontaneous moment.


The question then arises, how does this well-meaning writer take the courage to take two additional levels to the top of Tier 2 and explain them? Of course, he also needs to be well checked. In fact, this well-meaning writer is just inferring, analyzing, putting together the puzzle, based on the information he has. It is better to clear this now, before someone - who also does not experience the mentioned levels and can only logically argue about them - with a loud-sounding theater-clown-like yowl (similarly to the mean-GREEN Ben Affleck acting RED against the scientifically BLUE Sam Harris in the Bill Maher Showiv) takes him to account for the truthfulness of the description of these memetic levels. This is the reason, why Spiral Dynamics Extended with Responsible Happiness [SDx] is merely a concept that can be called a play of words, a so-called hypothesis. The writer will indicate later anyway if he may become so fortunate that he experiences the memetic levels mentioned here, and can not only write about them in a similar way to poets do.

Nevertheless, the writer is very fortunate to have not only read a lot about it, but has “seen a giraffe in real live”. He smelled the smell, he had to wipe away its saliva, he admired his stature, gave him a sliced ​​apple from his hand, etc. We may agree, that this is way more different then just to read about it. Although the writer is not one of the grumpy stature giraffes, he knows in what direction they can be found. The writer also knows very well, that everyone is interested in the giraffe, not the one who writes about them or what he writes about them. So his goal is not to pretend to be a giraffe, but simply to show where the circus is, to provide a list of what to take and what to look out for. In one word, the writer is not a god, so with those about three people who would be interested in creating a fan club around him, he would have a nice talk, drink some wine together, and providing them with a fantastic map, a compass and an accurate description to point out the way to the circus.


However, there is an exceptional and interesting trick that we can all apply as a turbo for our development. Wishes. Smart wishes. We assume that by reading the article about quantum-physics we accepted what quantum physics says and thus understood that space and time (space-time) do not really exist and at the same time they exist in innumerable numbers and versions, thus, anything that happens anywhere or anytime can effect us and similarly we can influence it in the same way. We may, therefore, wish that when we reach the point of understanding the nature of our mind, that includes understanding spacetime, we shall remember this articles series, and we may place all the wisdom, compassion, and power of our moment in this moment when we read these words — reaching across space and time —; and let us share amongst ourselves all the good and useful things through it. Let us remember all the rightful, useful and friendly things, and we shall not even care about things that are not accurate enough. May this grow everything good, and thus we may be benefiting innumerable beings. Let us make this moment magical with our wish, now.



Relationship between mental and physical levels on the spiral

Stepping up the ladder of up to Tier 1-2., your mental abilities and physical level go hand in hand. Let’s examine this through a few examples; at the level of relationship to money, place of residence, and relationships.


Basically, how do different memetics relate to money?

BIGE simply has no money, PURPLE helps its family members or the interests of the family, RED spends on shining things with which it can brag, BLUE makes savings from the income of its regular salary, it saves much more than the ORANGE, which mainly invests or spends money. Though ORANGE is usually about money, it can as well understand wealth as being mental/ intellectual wealth, meaning, scientific knowledge. GREEN is not so much interested in money as long as there is something to eat and somewhere to live. YELLOW is organizing ORANGE investors to enable its global projects to materialize. TURQOUISE inspires YELLOWS in the direction of launching projects that are useful from a global perspective, and is happy to donate its assets for noble purposes. CORAL, the “Tier 2. ORANGE” is also thinking about global and even universal tasks, for example, it is happy to lead space-strategic negotiations, which have a gigantic budget for ordinary people’s perspective. TEAL makes a sport out of giving donations to activities that benefit many; it does so on the one hand out of kindness, and on the other hand because it treats it as a clever “investment” into the mental bank of good impressions. GOLD knows that the feeling of wealth is decided in the consciousness. It does not discard financial goods, and it is even happy for them, as their appearance on a physical level shows the state of tendencies in its own consciousness - it treats them as emerging, playing and then disappearing energies, which he can influenced with its wishes -. GOLD interprets external wealth as the appearance of internal wealth (/ good impressions) and allocates it wisely in a similar way to the previous level, TEAL. LIME sees that, in the end, the things that appear, play, and disappear are merely proof of the constantly “pregnant” state of space — and its playful nature. Its attention is focused to seeing through and going beyond anything that appears and might cause attachment.


Typically, where do people with different memetics like to live?

While BEIGE is happy to have any cover over its head, PURPLE likes to live with its big family, RED lives anywhere if it can explain in one or another way why the place is better than other’s, BLUE is happy to live in a condominium / block of flats, the ORANGE thinker moves into the rich environment of the city, the GREEN memetic longs for an eco-house next to the forest, the YELLOW seeks useful and practical housing solutions, the TURQUOISE identifies itself as the inhabitant of its planet, in our case humans its the feeling of being an Earth Inhabitant - it feel good on any points of planet Earth -, CORAL would love to step out of the from planet-level conditions – it becomes small for it -, for TEAL it almost does not matter where it lives if it lives in the environment of living beings to be able to interact with them, GOLD is looking for a place where it is being heard and can beings can benefit from it, LIME wants to stay where it can examine its consciousness undisturbed. People’s feelings and opinions about where to live is inseparable from their memetics.


How do different memetics relate to social relationships?

BEIGE has almost no relationships - and if it has, they are very basic ones -, PURPLE’s family and tribe are the main system of relations, RED likes to accept people next to it if it can show its superiority over them in some way or if it can rule over them, BLUE has typically an extensive democratic-like system of hierarchical relationships, ORANGE chooses its friends according to its efficiency-focused interest - it is looking for relationships of influential people who have a wide network of contacts -. GREEN makes friends with everyone, with shop owner on the corner, the postman and whoever it meets, because “we are all friends”. YELLOW is goal-oriented about who and how to contact to, depending on what situation it is facing or what is useful at a certain time. It is looking for the company of similar YELLOWS with wide-ranging relationships. TURQUOISE raises all beings of the wide world on its bosom, treats them as family members. CORAL seeks the company of global leaders. TEAL takes concrete steps to reinforce the factors that have a positive impact on the beings of the universe and their relationships. It makes wishes for universal peace and cooperation, and seeks ways to achieve it. GOLD identifies the quantity and quality of its relationships with the tendencies of its own consciousness. It sees that if a person has a good day, it makes good relationships, if it has a bad day them it makes the like. It does not focus on the relationships themselves, but on its own state of mind. Keeping it tidy, the rest adjusts to it. LIME simply swims with the current. Relationship or non-relationship almost does not matter from its own point of view, however, knowing that building good relationships with people will be at their advantage later, it dives into the crowd without any fears as it tries to keep in mind the space-like nature of relationships.


The opening up of mental capacities and the material-level “realization” go hand in hand for a good while, and then beyond one point both lose their significance. One raises the other, and vice versa, until eventually both become subtle; both the mental processes and the material things. Awareness intelligence transcends all factors that would glue consciousness to illusory ideas or solidify it from water to ice through its self-concept of being separated from everything. The positivity of a happy mindset breaks through the melting limit and melts the ice; thus an uninterruptable joy erupts.



“ME” and “WE” values


Taking the steps on the memetic levels, we are changing our perspectives between the “Me” values (in which we ourselves are the most important - BEIGE, RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, CORAL, GOLD) and between the “We” values (in which the community or others are more important - PURPLE, BLUE, GREEN, TURQUOISE, TEAL, LIME). From the individual’s point of view, we can also express in a way, that first our own happiness and well-being is most important, then that of others, then again our own, then again of others, and so on. We can also formulate it in a way, that one day we pay more attention to ourselves and the impressions that appear in our experience - or we can say that we pay more attention to the images - , other times we focus our attention to others, so to speak, to the brightly glowing nature of the mirror behind the images. It is no coincidence that we have put it this way – with the help of the example of the mirrors and the images -, as these are the two key factors along which we control our lives.


The ratio or balance of our happy mindset and awareness intelligence (AQ) defines our everyday lives.

As one focuses on oneself (mainly in the “Me” values), one begins to seek one’s own joy, poower, fame, fortune, and is exploring the paths to these. However, the higher one moves on the spiral, the more capacity one will gain and more ability one can develop to help others, so, in addition to initially doing it for oneself out of self-interest, one’s compassion will naturally grow moving up on the spiral, thus one’s attention will open up towards others. After a while the happy mindset attracts awareness intelligence.

Similar thing happens when approached from the other perspective. As one’s attention and awareness is directed toward others, and at the same time one does more and more for others, in an interesting way, one’s own inner contentment and happiness starts to rize more and more, not just of those whom one helps. Several positive psychology surveys attest this. Awareness intelligence naturally attracts a happy mindset.

Happy mindset and awareness intelligence thus go hand in hand. We will talk about them in more details a bit later. In the meantime, however, it may be noted that the main theme of this article-series, intuition, is more closely related to awareness intelligence. It is developed mostly by expanding attention — by improving the mindset of “We” memetics. It enfolds fastest by the development of wisdom, by understanding the nature- and the functioning of space (eg. intellectually by quantum physics, and in practice by remembering it in our daily life). Thus, gradually we understand the functioning of our own mind. In doing so, naturally, by itself, his intuition unfolds more and more.

The Spiral.png

At the bottom of the memetic ladder there are mainly wild and quite aggressive people (BEIGE), at the top of the memetic ladder intellectually and emotionally highly intelligent beings (LIME) are found. Between the two, there are plenty of shades of colors. One can also imagine that the spiral of Spiral Dynamics expands more and more and becomes subtle / transparent as we move upwards. Only the mean-GREEN would argue against-, while everyone else agrees, that the human progress is evident wile stepping up on the memetic levels.


At the same time, we also provide an escape route for mean-GREENs from which even they can breathe up. We call it responsible happiness when one tries to apply the values of the “Me” and the “We” memetics-, happiness and awareness in a balanced proportion, at any level on the memetic spiral. Responsible happiness places human consciousness at the center of the spiral hurricane so one can move straight up in the center.



The Two Paths


There are two paths to responsible happiness: the path of improving mainly happy mindset (along the “Me” values) and the path of improving mainly awareness intelligence (along the the “We” values), hereinafter referred to as the path of positive accumulations and the path of awareness. The best and most effective is to combine both.

Let us examine them now, one by one.


I. The path of (positive) accumulations

We can see that moving up the ladder of “Me” and “We” value memetics is not intended to create a hierarchy (“the higher memetics people get above the lower memetics people”), but as one moves upwards, the world- and the idea of one’s own noble self becomes more and more subtle. Thus, at the end of the day the above mentioned concept is truly different then what really happens. The bright sides of the higher memetics serve to “let go” of the egoistic tendencies. The one who knows the properties of space and trusts space, what’s more, “it is space that it trusts”, the one will naturally enfold its intuition.bThis way, we do not become coolly proud, but simply kinder and more compassionate. Therefore we say, that if someone wants to evolve and unfold its capabilities, strengths and to have a positive impact on our world, that is a superb plan; the most ideal solution for this person is to take the steps up the memetic stairway, as this is the way to increase one’s impact on itself and on its surroundings.


It is important in this development process, that one can only move to the next stage of memetic level – and not only in one's intellectual attitude but also in one's real experience -, if one applies the positive elements of one’s current memetics; transforms the actually appearing negative habits into positive ones.

One of the sure things about our lives is the knowledge, that our body exerts its highest efficiency in a biologically parasympathetic / resting / balanced state. The science of psychology tells us, that the key to a long-term sustainable mental state of balance is responsible positivity. Therefore when we go up the memetic stairs, we shall not take them too seriously, so that they become “lighter”, and at the same time we shall try to grasp the positive side of each memetic level. Let us ask ourselves: “How can I change my useless or uncomfortable habits into pleasant, useful ones?” Or “What can I do with these abilities that benefit creatures? serve? ". Considering causality, this method serves the benefit- and creates a more pleasant conditions for ourselves and others.

Happiness and mental awareness are healthy. Positive thinking, speech and action allows us to create an innate feeling of satisfaction/ liberation and thus it opens us up internally and turns our smiling face towards the next mental challenge.


Therefore, a “turbo-powered trick” on our upward journey that provides a high security as well is our intention to help others. If we do good things thinking of not only for ourselves, but for all beings, we multiply our strength. Just as a young, new-born bull is happy to stand up to its own feet, an adult buffalo can pull quite a few people on a cart. Let us grow up and be big and great buffaloes. The more we think about all of us, the stronger we ourselves get. In the meantime, it is good to keep in mind, that as the term “all of us” includes both ourselves and others, when we do for all of us, we evolve ourselves, and even more, we evolve much better and faster, accumulating far more good-impression bank-notes in the bank of our consciousness than in other cases.


Similarly, another trick is to preserve or better to increase the value of our bank notes.

We don’t have to do more to preserve than when we spend anything from the good impression bank on ourselves (eg. we buy something for ourselves of we we allow ourselves a trip abroad etc.) we think, that we do this in favor of others. With this mental little trick while we spend, the same time we can also preserve the value of our “account balance”.

In terms of investing, positive psychology has shown that even a small investment - if we give it to others, increases the joy and good impressions of ourselves and others by categories. It’s worth investing in others this way because it comes back multiple times. Especially if we give not only fish, but nets, not just physicaly quickly dissolving gifts, but knowledge, mental gifts. It is especially great if we give people information about mental tendencies, more about how consciousness works.


Thus, to get to know more, to learn and to develop is a good thing. Though, it is worth considering, however, that the more knowledge a person accumulates, the greater the risk is, if one is dealing with something useful and valuable to him and the world, or one just wastes time on with some concepts that do not benefit anyone. In the best case, however, one spends valuable time learning useful things, which result in a more happier and mentally more aware state for oneself and one’s surroundings.

The risk of the path of accumulation is that one can easily become a “proud god”, who suddenly forgets its brigh Tier 2. view of respecting-, valuating others and their differences. The one who wants to become a “high-level god” does nothing but feed its egoism. In this case, our head could grow to the size of a melon and our heart could shrink to the size of a hazelnut.

Also in this case teasing and funny critique is the tool that helps us. With this, one can easily get the rabbit jump out of the bush. When on replies with anger and aggression, then it clearly shows a Tier 1. viewpoint. As the motivation is selfish and self-directed, thus, it is self-limiting and so it is not positive, and as a result, the outcome will be the same. Failure and loss. Thus, it is worth observing ourselves how we respond to teasing and funny criticism. When we are able to laugh on ourselves or on what we have done, it is already a good sign.


An additional danger of pride that may appear on the path of accumulation is that since wealth appears not only inside but also outside, one thinks only of oneself, of one's own pleasure, and thus does not walk the full spiral path as one lingers in the enjoyment of wealth, pretty slowly using the bankers in your positive mind bank.


An additional danger of pride that may appear on the path of accumulation is that because wealth appears not only inside but also outside (we feel satisfied, rich, we feel that we have a surplus from which who can give to others), we may take this seriously and pay increased attention to ourselves, to our own pleasure, and thus not walk the spiral path till the end. We stop on the way and linger in the enjoyment of wealth. There are two majow downsides to this, however; on one hand one may just simply loose time, on the other hand one may just spend the bank notes one after the other with which one could just buy a train ticket to the next memetic level.


In addition, there are some societies that propagate the view that one can safely do as much harm as one does good in return. It does not even feels good to think about what a member of this company does, who performs a “supportive” activity in a “philanthropic” way from an external perspective. Building a hospital and supporting children’s homes and other foundations would be a noble act in itself if it were not accompanied by at least the same level manifestation of a “dark force”, for which it shall compensate for.

This up-and-down game does not make much sense for the development of the individual who does it, either. Instead of moving forward, they take one step forward and then one step back again. Proponents of this view spread the misconception that black and white are equal (meaning: sorrow and happiness have the same importance) - or that they have to exchange each other just as on a chess board -, are actually tying / holding back the people who listen to them, denying the opportunity of their own development from them. When we hear this, we may know, that it is like if we were witnessing the antecedent of – let us say it like this - a satanistic way of thinking.

As long as one experiences Tier 1-2. level of memetics, there is a very big difference between bad and good, black and white, harmful and helpful things. Distorting or otherwise communicating this in a Tier 1-2. environment causes schizophrenia and the emergence of harmful systems - which will be discussed in more detail in the next two articles -.

It is not a solution then to continuously use up/ utilize the good impressions, because then we have to rebuild them and walk the up-down alternating path for timeless periods. Our job is to seize even the smallest opportunity to do good deeds and thus accumulate good impressions. Thus, we get forward.


There is also a trick with which we could quasi conserve the good impressions, that we use up during our natural positive activities when we enjoy life (in a positive way). We can spend our accumulated bank notes and keep them at the same time. How can we do this?

The trick is that when joy appears, we don’t “jump on it”, we do not start to “own it”, we just do not take it seriously and just do not even deal with it. In the moment it appears, we see that it has the same nature of space as anything else. Thus, we achieve, that we do not spend our bank notes.

And if we want to increase the balance of our mental savings account, then we shall think that what we are doing, whatever it is, we are doing it for the benefit of as many people as possible for the longest lasting period possible. In this way, we can achieve to increase our mental wealth in every minute of our lives.


What is the reason of this? That the reason for our limitations and problems is nothing but self-attachment. If the erroneous idea appears that “I exist independently from everything”, it results the concept that I am here, and you are there. If you caress me I like it, if you shout at me I do not like it. Thus, out of ignorance – due to which we are not able to recognize that all appearances in space have the same space-nature, including the outside world, our body and our consciousness as well -, attraction (/longing/greed) and repulsion (/pushing away/dislike/anger/hatred) arises, and from that, even greater ignorance. When, after Tier 2., our understanding gets aware of that all this is all based on a misconception, then - according to the way the related philosophical writings and those who experience it say -, we understand that the subject and the object spring from the same root. The previous idea of ​“I” and “you” is experienced as two sides of the same coin. In addition, we will have the freedom to choose whether or not to use this concept. The situation is, that we have to take the coin out of our pockets many times, since almost all people have this idea of independently existing self, thus, we would not be able to communicate with them without this coin. We have to say, “please pass me the salt, my friend”, on the other hand while we do that, we don’t take the situation too seriously. It’s like having a tool box under our arms from which we can take out any tools if we need to, while no longer carrying the box in front of our eyes.


This wisdom that emerges also cuts through the idea of the independently existing nature of the subject and the object. It is therefore customary to symbolize this process with the symbol of a three-edged dagger. The meaning of the three blades are ignorance-attachment-anger, which transforms into the triad of wisdom-releasing-factuality.

From this point of view, taking care of the interests of all of us is much closer to the truth than considering only the interests of our own self-attachment. Why? Because subject and object is not truly separated. Space penetrates our atoms, in every point of our body. We have more space in us than the so called matter – we just take a look at the structure within the atom –. We are basically more space than matter, that (our cells) anyway changes fully every seven years. We are much closer to the truth saying that our appearance is basically space-like, then when we are saying that we are made of matter (as the majority of matter is space).

With another example we may as well say, that our consciousness in the present moment is like a thickened piece of ice floating in the ocean. The nature of the ice cube and the ocean are both water. To thaw a piece of ice, we need to think not of the idea of ourselves, but of others /all of us – not to take the idea of a matter too serious, but instead to focus on the space that binds us -, and do good things for all of us. This is called the right view.


With the right intention – that springs out from the right view –, we thus ultimately want our wisdom to be able to grasp our own mental tendencies in order to be able to look into the depths of our own essence, to see through these waves, and thus to recognize that the idea of an independent “self” is just a misconception. It is nothing more than a hologram-like dream (“smoke and mirrors,” as we say in English).


In the path of accumulation, in the end we have so many good impressions in our minds that it suddenly marvels at itself and realizes that the appearance of the thought of the “I” is already an illusion. As soon as such a not-so-wise thought-movement appears in consciousness, it immediately deviates from the spatial-like nature of truth in consciousness, limiting, contracting itself.


As we progress up the memetic steps, arriving to the upper segment of Tier 2. memetics, our idea of a “self” and the idea of “reality” in general are becoming more subtle and space-like. More specifically, one only enters the upper segment of Tier 2. memetics when one increasingly understands that the functioning of her/his consciousness and its spatial-like nature.


Needless to say at this point, that since one can only move to the next level of memetics in a healthy way if one moves from the possible negative side of the given memetics to the positive - otherwise his brick building will have some bricks missing and being weak, thus, it will not become very stable and she/he will have to return to that memetics level to replace these bricks later.

Thus, similarly to the tower of moving from the first to the second tier, it is only possible to move from the second to the next tier if one has duly established it with a balance of responsible happiness. Negative impressions triggered by anger, pride, or uncontrolled greed pull humanity down the spiral. To move forward, therefore, in addition to understanding the space-like nature of mind by enhancing our awareness, we also need the positive impressions, the results of actions done with happy mindset.


Finally, LIME, due to a sudden positively suprizing amazement at the real nature of things breaks through the framework of emotional and thought tendencies, breaks out from the ups and downs due to thoughts and feelings; it steps through them to a “safe ground”. This safe ground is to let its mind rest continuously in space. Then, the lucky and diligent person notices that “wow, the memetic spiral has no real content”, since everything in it is based on certain kinds of ways of thinking and feelings.

Whatever movie was played within one’s inner cinema - Tier 1. or 2. - it was all a hologram-like illusion. The only thing that is constantly shining and stable behind it is the shining space of mind. All the ups and down generated from the concepts, thoughts and feelings – that till now we thought that “these are our serious and real world” - vanish away. Those are all like a DisneyLand-like kindergarden compared to the truth.


May our first step on the path of accumulation be, that we wish us all to understand the meaning of this path, and to reach to its full achievement.



II. The path of awareness


Simply put, we do not want to move upward in our development, but inward.

We are not looking for a happiness that depends on external conditions (“we are happy when we have achieved something”); instead, we are looking for unconditioned happiness that does not depend on any conditions. We do not want to chase happiness, we do not want to strive to be happy, we do not aim for the “pursuit of happiness”; instead to rejoice when it shows up and not to deal with it when it doesn’t show up. Thus, we can anytime choose ourselves if we shall be happy or not to spend time with it.

Of course, we can say that it is easier to wake up from a “pleasant dream” achieved by the path of accumulation, at the same time we must also be aware at in this case we have to face far more distractions at the upper levels of the spiral. The greater the mental capacity a person has, the more information he can pass through her/his consciousness in a given time, still, most of the information available in the world has “average quality” or in itself unhelpful, so no matter how much a person has raised her/his mind’s capacity from a wind to a hurricane, she/he can not do very useful or good things. If the basic information is not very concise, the result cannot be either. For sure, we cook from what we have.

People simply want to be happy and aware – that allows them to recognize how they can achieve a long-term-, sustainable-, responsible happiness -. One shall not spend too much time with activities that do not belon to this core topic.

Thus, when we compare intellectually palletized consciousness with a high-capacity wind, it does not matter whether we are facing a confused hurricane or a well-directed useful wind that spins windmills.

Great turbulence, great problem; little turbulence, little problem; no turbulence, no problem.


The essence of true “development” lies in this. We will not become happier, when we become professors with great intellectual knowledge. In a similar way, we will not become happier when we want to avoid intellectual knowledge. We will not be happier, of course, if we want to remain explicitly ignorant. So what will make us happier and more aware? When we do not care for example about if we shall be learning or not, or if we shall even think about this, and not even with anything that may or may not appear in our thoughts connected to this topic. Any kind of pictures-, intentions-, thoughts may come and go they do not matter at all, if we are looking for unconditioned happiness and awareness. Why is that? Because the the pictures that come and go depend on conditions, on the other hand the shining nature of the mirror is not. Therefore, let us direct our interest on one major thing, that, which is most important. On the everyday level it is “exactly nothing” and apart from that the limitless space-potential of our mind, that is behind everything.


Ultimately, we do not need to build anything (great emotions, intelligence immersed in several levels of abstractions, great wealth, etc.), we need the exact opposite; to be content, to let concepts go, if we feel so then to reduce things to the minimum needed, or even to eliminate certain things, or just to learn to see through everything that causes confusion. Actually, just to let things happen as they happen. Along this process our mind starts to automatically express its happy and aware intuitive nature more and more. Mind just simply likes to break out from its cage and liberate itself.


Therefore, followers of the path of awareness hold the view that it is not really worth striving from Tier 1. to Tier 2., but from wherever one finds itself on the spiral, just simply jump to the so called Tier 0, that is like a shining mirror behind the pictures of Tier 1-2.

Further on we will spend time with this, still, for the time being, let us stay with the path of accumulation.


Of course, consciousness liberates itself through awareness, for if we turn on the lamp in a dark room and realize that a robber is inside, of course we knock on its nose and throw it out. Every normal being does that.


The truths of (quantum) physics and biology also make it obvious to us; everything in the world (even our ego ideas that we consider very solid and constant) is relative, impermanent, and thus, in the strict sense of the word is not “literally existing”. So we do not take problems or successes seriously – avoiding the chance to "become sticky" –. Practitioners of the path of awareness, try not to push things away or run after them. In every situation, sound, or thought that appears, we try to see its awareness nature, that is space-like. They do not “stick” to what is happening or why it happens, because the very fact that it happens is somehow-, from a certain perspective great and interesting. Thus, we transform unpleasant impressions to natural ones or useful ones; finding the aspects in them that are useful.


Because people are used to running after power, fame and fortune (The PFF), the path of awareness, is less well known than the path of accumulation. However, this is already available to all of us, already in this moment. Whether we feel good or not, whether we have a lot of good impressions in our minds or not, whether we are rich or not, it doesn’t matter at all, from the perspective of the path of awareness, it does not matter. While on the path of accumulations one enjoys the circus of the world and if one is not aware enough one may as well take it seriously (as long as one “does not get things to the end”), on the path of awareness it does not matter whether someone takes the things of the world seriously or not. Why is that so? Because in the space-like shining mirror of our consciousness, it does not matter what color images appear, while we keep in mind the mirror instead of the images. We may use all our everyday moments to observe how the observer is watching; we may observe and understand how our own mind functions.

How does consciousness change as a result of emotions or thoughts? How this is expressed in our heart rate and so on.

Many people then say now, "I am indeed a master of my own mind, I can concentrate, I can controll it and so on." If one feels like, one may try for how many seconds one can observe the air at one’s nose without the small monkey of the thoughts would start to jump back and forth?

If one observes this for half a minute and at the end says that her/his consciousness has remained in one place, it is even worse; that means, that the person did not even notice that her/his consciousness had wandered away. A normal person is lucky to hold its mind for few seconds in one place. This good willing writer once had the experience to hold his mind in one place even for 2 meaningful seconds. Okay that was just a joke, as it was for two and a half seconds.


The next question that usually arises is “why to pay attention to the functioning of my own consciousness, what is it good for?”. Because first of all, we want to become our own masters and not the servants of our own thoughts/feelings and the outer impulses.

If we first understand what is happening usually, how our mind reacts, in a next step we may either let go the unwanted impulses, or even to control them.

Do we want to be happy? We choose to wake up the inner energy flows in an instant, while appreciating, admiring and enjoy the inner energies and we are immediately happy. Do we need to pay attention to something? We do not deal with any energies, we just “let them go”, and we look through the images that appear, by taking a glimpse into the space-like essence of things searching for the meaning. Our intuition unfolds.

Happiness is first about ourselves and then it inspires others, while awareness is first about others, and thus it creates understanding in us.


As mentioned, the path of awareness does not seek to move up the noble steps of the ascending tower of the beach of our consciousness (during Tier 1-2.) as the path of accumulation does. Instead, no matter which level it finds itself, it seeks to splash into the water from that very level, to dive into the unconditioned happiness and awareness.

The JOKER card, therefore, that is always in our hands wherever we reside on the memetical levels is simply to recognize the brilliant mirror behind the dramatic or even magical images of our everyday consciousness - so that our mind’s awareness nature may manage to look directly to itself by seeing through the pictures -.

Thus, it may become faster to achieve a mentally breakthrough by seeing/ cutting through the mental images of our consciousness than to polish the “physical images” on the path of positive accumulations, in order to make them more and more beautiful, until they finally become so beautiful, that with our great feeling of limitless richness we may as well ultimately “let them go”.

This way, on the path of awareness we do not aim to move “up”; instead, we aim to “take steps inward”.

While moving up the spiral on the path of accumulation one must accumulate substantial merit, the path of awareness can be chosen even by hunters, warriors, butchers, thieves, or any kinds of “bad guys”, as the task is not to polish the images, but to catch the trick, to cut through them.

The fill realization of the nature of mind can strike a person at any unimaginably unrealistic moment, either on the battle field while heads are flying in the air or while the meat ax is swinging. Of course, in the same way, even in the kinder moments, our mind can surprise us with the same gift; for example, when we smell a fragrant flower.


When that happens, interestingly, the goal is not to keep it. We need to keep and accumulate good impressions on the path of accumulations, but not here. On the path of awareness, we do the exact opposite, letting go of all our great experiences. Interestingly, that is when they stay. The true nature of space is boundless freedom, and mind is space-like. And space is like a real woman; if you run after her, she disappears; if you let it unfold, it may happen that in the right time – just when you have almost forgotten her - she steps in your door.


So, what may be the result?

Anyway, the result in both cases is ultimately the same. The feeling of complete freedom, fearless awareness, and undistructably up-bubbling happiness and joy.

Some people like to compare this state of mind to their teenage-time LSD experience, with the difference that this one is free of charge, unstoppably constant, it does not burn our good impressions like burning bank notes in camp fire, instead it increases our effectivity to generates them, next to that it is incomparably more alert and conscious, and even legal.

Unfortunately, this well-meaning writer can not really make a comparison at this point as he was not really lucky enough to meet with any of these two factors (one of the two he is not really interested in – one may guess which one it is easily -).


At the moment the result arrives, the condition-dependent (relative) consciousness is self-transformed into a condition-independent (absolute) consciousness in the blink of an eye. From then on, the mind does not takes the thoughts and emotions of its consciousness so serious, as it is always has the possibility to linger in the radiant, joyful nature of mind. Since one is not bound by unnecessary-, energy-consuming thoughts and feelings by this time, one becomes explosively rich in energy, and cannot stop its innate joy constantly bubble up like bubbles in mineral water. Because one clearly sees its own spatial nature, thus, one sees nothing there that can disappear or can be ultimately destroyed; an all-pervading fearlessness is experienced naturally. By looking at the world one feels that one can give a lot to people from this state, and in the meantime one also sees that everyone’s mind actually has this very nature, so nothing is more natural to her/him than helping others in the same way as helping her/himself. The subject, the object and, moreover, even the action form an inseparable unity in his experience. In addition to the naturally joyful, fearlessly compassionate activity, her/his abilities also manifest in the fact that she/he can almost see, hear and feel people's thoughts and feelings; by she/his intuition he knows much more about the world and people than anyone would think. Because one does not experience separation from others, one is explicitly compassionate and thus discreet about the information about others. He is our true friend, on whom we can count on at any time and she/he always wishes us only the best – as for her/him the “me”, the “you” and the third person are the same -.

The condition-based Tier 1-2. relative viewpoints - "who says what to me, what does what to me, etc., how do I feel while..." - is replaced by an absolute view that does not depend on these conditions. The meaning of space and the joy that appear in it is the same, everywhere. Space becomes the point of reference instead of the false idea of an independent ego.

There are four subtly different levels of this view that follow each other until the full capacity of mind is fully recognised, which are explained in the next article.


In terms of the result (of recognizing the nature of mind), we have no reason to look up at those who are on “higher” spiral levels. The Tier 2 is not much “advanced” than the first. No one should expect respect because reaching eg. a CORAL level, has tons of money and decides about global things. She/he is drawn by her/his emotions and thoughts just like anyone else. Anger, pride, greed, jealousy brings one to un-knowing.

“The last shirt has no pockets,” says the Danish saying. You can clown around in the ordinary world, show up being big, but from this, for example, pride - which takes things too serious and obscures the experience of space-nature - will not diminish, to put it mildly. The person who wears her/his nose up because she/he is a “great Tier 2. memetic thinker” is not really that great after all. The person who sees the memetic steps as an “echelon” and strives upwards so that people may admire her/him or to become better than others, this person weaves the obscure veil of its pride ever thicker and can become nothing more than a “proud god” while it only moves away from recognizing the truth-nature of things. As mentioned above, as she/he does not do it for others but for her/himself, so she/he can only stay for a while in this state of mind until the bank notes of good impressions run out of her/his bank of consciousness. However, if one does things for others – but not by not forcing its own ideas on them, but by freeing them and being generous with them in a way they prefer it –, then one’s mind will become more and more open to one’s own space-nature, just like on the path of accumulations.

The only one who deserves respect is the one who is constantly seeking for the joy and development of as many people as possible, and for the longest possible. The one, who without her/his own imaginary tendencies and self-will, but with boundless benevolence and patience looks for those who can be helped - in a way they prefer -. The key, however, is not to take even this too seriously; more precisely, to always see the spatial nature of consciousness, speech, and action, behind whatever happens. To see the shining mirror behind the pictures. Then his pervasive wisdom burns his ego-attachment and unpleasant emotions (anger, pride, jealousy, greed) just as campfire burns the logs that feed him.

The writer wishes all beings, including himself, to experience this “sooner then possible”.


What is the difference and similarity between the results of the two paths?

One of the major differences between the two paths is that as we move along the path of accumulation, that when we start to experience the absolute view, we can help many more, because we have made quite a few connections along the way. We can activate these - we can easily speak to/ reach many people - and thus benefit a greater number of beings than on the path of awareness. Similarly, as we progress through accumulation, we have a sufficient amount of positive impression to have not only our mental capacities, but as well our physical conditions and opportunities to do so.

The advantage of the path of awareness though, is its frivolously essential nature, and thus, its speed.

On the path of accumulations we play with images, make them better, and when we feel that there is nothing more to be achieved, by a strong internally generated excited emotional impulse we look into their meaning-, their space-like nature, and by breaking through the images we glance into the brilliance of the mirror. Throughout the path of awareness, we are only constantly looking for the radiance of the mirror, observing our mind, while not too much taking care of the images, we consider them space-like.

We like to do positive things for all of us through accumulation, but through vigilance we actively strive not to do anything for anyone, just to stay in what we have, recognizing the nature of reality.

The path of accumulation works best in our daily lives — in our everyday civil society — because it makes everyone’s life more great and joyful; the path of vigilance is a the best solution when one has enough time - at least on weekends - to sit 12 hours a day and look into the space-nature of mind. One may as well retreat from the world for 1-2 weeks, and then come back and deal with the everyday things again; this can also work.


It is also exciting to practice both paths at the same time; we are stepping up the path of accumulations on the stairways of the high-jumping tower - sure for sure - and meanwhile we try to splash into the waterpool sometimes - the nature of the mirror behind the images - on the path of awareness.

It doesn’t matter, however, whether we’re standing on the right or left side of the pool, as depending on that - having our right or left shoulder close to the water -, we jump with that side into the water. The “I” memetics prefer the way of “jumping from pleasure to the space-nature of pleasure” (like when a bungee-jumper or a parachutist laughs into space and experiences its freedom, or for example when a motorcyclist bends into the curve and is just on the edge of slipping out of the bend, or even a love-making couple in their highest moments).

On the other hand the “We” memetics prefer to “jump from space to the joy-nature of space”, as the expanding open consciousness gains knowledge about everything in space.

On the path of positive accumulations, the goal is to break through/ crack one’s own ordinary active consciousness beyond a point with a strong mental/ emotional impulse (as devotion towards a master), and thus achieve that one can naturally marvel into what is beyond everyday consciousness. At the same time on the path arareness the task is just not to take the images seriously, to let them go, and to look at them loosely. They both come to the same place, either approaching from the right or from the left. Whichever one may apply, the point is one and the same. Space and the things that appear in it are inseparably joyful in their experience.

Space and joy are inseparable – as being said by those who experience that -. Let us wish to achieve this view ourselves as well.


Aren't we going to "fly too high”?

However, an important factor needs to be clarified regarding relative (Tier 1-2.) and absolute view (Tier 0.). Just as after Tier 1., the Tier 2. memetics maintain their connection to Tier 1., it understands and supports the Tier 1. memetics, the same way one never loses the practical part of its Tier 1-2. level relative view, even if one transcends them, embracing the absolute view. Just as a YELLOW is able to speak and act in a RED language, not getting stuck in it, and not being affected by it, similarly, a person with an absolute view is able to think, speak, and act in a relative way.

A Tier 0. thinker will always keep the ground under its feet.


It would look quite awkward, if human development ment that at the very end one would not be able to drive a nail into the wall, change the wheel of the car, review a sales report sheet, or read an instruction manual, just “because everything is just an illusion in space ". In contrary, the truth is, that a person with an absolute view, performs its actions on the relative level in a much more masterful and spontaneous way, and with a much better timing than the Tier 1-2. thinkers. A person with the absolute view is almost like a superman compared to those with relative view. She/he is not “flown away”, but very much on the ground, if that is what is useful at a certain moment. Further more, since an absolute view holder experiences essentially no separation from other beings, she/he is looking for the opportunity to share the excess happiness, energy, and wisdom. Surely, she/he does not puff out good-sounding big sayings with no meanings in them; instead, she/he sits down to the table with the people having a beer and in the meantime “releases a couple of thoughts to space” that may benefit people. It just says it on a level and in a way that helps that particular person on the other side of the table to take the next step in its development.

When someone tell her/him something, she/he listens well, remembers that and even if it sounds strange, it the absolute view holder also remembers how much a bottle of milk costs. The sense of reality does not decreases but it increases, together with the fulfillment of its absolute view. A relative thinker who has not tasted the “taste” of absolute view — one who has not yet met a giraffe in person — for the most part does not even recognize in such a situation that she/he is dealing with a person that experiences it. She/he just feels, how good it is to be by the side of this person.


Proceeding on our path, the more we get closer to recognizing the nature of truth, the more we see that there is only “one tree with many branches”. Checking the state of the trunk one can understand the status of the branches. Similarly, the enhancement of the status of the trunk results the health-improvement of the branches.

This does not mean that we become red communists at all, nor does it mean that we necessarily become green liberals.

At the ordinary relative level, we may have any kind of mindset — which is otherwise greatly influenced by our memetic level while evolving by jumping between the “I” and “We” value systems —. Even when we understand the absolute view intellectually, we realize that for space itself it does not matter whether red or green appears in it. We can also express it as the essence of red and green is also space-like. Logically, space itself is both red and green (because anything can appear in space) and at the same time it is neither red nor green (since the nature of each color is space-like). What’s more, it is not non-red or non-green (because these colors are constantly appearing in it) nor is it true that it is not both red and green at the same time (because these colors are constantly present at closer or further points in space).

We can apply this logic to anything that has appeared in space, while we know, that it does not matter what appeared in it. This playful nature is interesting in itself: anything that may appear finally returns back to space. The trunk of the tree is the space-like nature, and the branches are the phenomena or impressions that emerge from it.





No wonder that only a few people tend to get to read about Tier 0.; the majority have lost the thread long ago. If the Dear Reader reads these line, she/he shall kindly accept the heartfelt thanks and congratulations of this well-meaning writer. Whether the Dear Reader is a critic of the topic or a fan of the subject, she/he belongs to a group of those great people with good impressions in their minds who hear about what is described in this section. We all develop together by this. No matter which approach the Dear Reader has, it stimulates a process by which - while meditating on what has been said or asked -, our mind gradually frees itself from its own limitations.


This statement also implies that at Tier 1. or Tier 2., consciousness has limitations compared to Tier 0. On what basis do we imply this?

Using an analogy, one only learns what an orgasm means once one has experienced it.

According to the narrations and descriptions of the liberated minds, a being who has fully unfolded his consciousness - the Tier 0.’s level IV. experience (which four levels will be explained in the next article) - even on the tip of his little finger experiences as much joy as a loving couple in their highest moment. Through the experience of space, it is also naturally combined with boundless awareness/ limitless intuition, complete fearlessness, and spontaneously positive action to help other beings experience the same, if that sounds interesting for them. Who wouldn't want to experience this as soon as possible?

Spiral Dynamics Extended EN.jpg

So, how can we get there as soon as possible? Applying the both the path of accumulations and the path of awareness, together. Sometimes using this, sometime that method.

Of course, it would cause a great confusion and a split in consciousness to want to treat both paths with equal importance in our lives; not to mention that we ourselves are close to a certain vmeme. The “we” memetics, which are usually joy-oriented and are looking for what they can obtain, the path of accumulations usually suits better, while for those with an “I” memetics who prefer to pay attention to what is worth avoiding, usually feel closer to the path of awareness. One can, of course, listen across between universities for an hour or two, add a few details of the other university's material to our own curriculum, or even visit over to learn a certain topic. The important thing is that we can distinguish the “cutting-edge from cutting farts”.


Moving up the spiral, the closer we get to the upper two steps of Tier 2. (and especially on those), the more quantum reality “radiates through us, shining through our pores as our own inner light” and thus making our world-experience more and more subtle. We take our thoughts and emotions less and less seriously, and what is more, we are more and more able to turn them the way we like or the way it is most useful. Of course, we do this within certain limits, because once a situation gets to the point where we feel like someone might be hurt in it, we usually back down.

Internally, we find ourselves in a similar situation, as our own ego does not allow itself to be put in a situation where it can be hurt either. Of course, the more we see this, the more aware we recognize our tendencies and current thoughts, the less and less chance our ego has of doing so. However, keeping in mind its many tricks, we can be sure, that we are not dealing with a small eye-catcher that constantly dazzles us, but with the big Merlin itself, who has considerable knowledge and power. We need to be able to see through the tricks of the Master of Lies. However, if we really catch him once with awareness and look him in the eye; after that, it will become less and less inclined to try its tricks.


By learning about the nature of space — and thus learning about the nature of mind — our intuition spontaneously fulfills itself; it gradually becomes infallible. It does not just mean that we can notice what the person next to us feels and thinks, but we will as well gradually become able to experience what Mrs Smith is cooking on the other side of the world and what she thinks and feels doing that.

Similarly, as the countless number of space-times that emanated are subtle and relative, on the high levels of Tier 0. we are not only able to look into the past with clearer eye, but we will be able to see into the future as well. We can list many living examples, we can name quite a few people by name capable of doing so.


Further more, proven or not, true or not, it can probably be noted at this stage, that according to some people there are some non-terrestrial cultures where reaching Tier 0. is among the basic requirenments to learn in chindhood, just like using the fork and the knife in our human culture. Let us wish that we grow up as well.


To get one step closer to this, in our next article let us look into how intuition was a key factor in the history of philosophy? Who are the great philosophers from whom we may learn the most about unfolding intuition? How does all this connect to SDx (Spiral Dynamics Extended) and especially to the Tier 0. memetics?

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