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Business Services

Business leaders and HR professionals alike recognize the importance of improving the areas and factors of happiness. Improving these areas of happiness at the workplaces, higher and sustainable performance enfolds, and financial numbers improve. Happiness Consulting offers a Happiness Improvement Program which provides just that.

Educational Solutions





Educational Institutes started happiness programs first by introducing Positive Psychology. Then as happiness science was established, in universities, Happiness courses were put into practice. Happiness Consulting offers a happiness semester / course package for universities, colleges and adult learning institutes, and provides voluntary education for Kindergartens, Preliminary Schools and High or Vocational School teachers.


Governance Services



Government leaders come to the same recognition about the importance of happiness. Today, more than 40 countries measure some aspects of happiness or well-being and consider it in their decision-making. People mainly expect, that their Governments make their life happier. For that, we offer a widely implementable Happy Country Program including measurement and development.




The Responsible Happiness Improvement Program is suitable for both Business Organizations and Governance Clients.


It integrates different mood and mindset assessment tools, trainings, and consultation into a coherent and highly functional system. A full Happiness Improvement Program may include workshops, assessments, consulting, trainings, talent management, organizational development and certification.
The final goal of the Happiness Improvement Program is to make a positive change, to increase the performance and to support the positive transformation of the individual, which in turn ensures the transformation of the organization, the community and the society. Through periodic assessment and consultation, the improvement is implemented into the company culture, into the system and remains sustainable.

When a balanced, sustainably high level of happiness is achieved – measured by objective assessments –, we reward it with a certificate combined with annual reconciliation and reflection recursively.


Responsible Happiness Improvement Program




Responsible Happiness Improvement Program

Keynotes - Get inspired!


As the leading provider of happiness and human quality development, Happiness Consulting is often asked to speak at conferences and seminars. Happiness Consulting has years of experience in motivating and inspiring people to take up the Happiness Improvement Programs in order to create a happier and more efficient life.
The keynotes and motivational speeches can last from just fifteen minutes to a few hours. They can stand alone or form a part of public conferences or in-house events.


Workshops - Test it!


Happy Hours

Happiness glimpse within a few hours

The Happy Hours is a good place to start, if one is interested in, but not yet convinced of the human quality development. This workshop is an entertaining, interactive and experiential in-house introduction to the Happiness Improvement Program. It provides all the knowledge required for each participant to use the happy mindset tools and some of the best awareness intelliqence tools on an individual basis. It involves a simplified Happiness Assessment and a training app as well as materials such as a happiness manual, a personal logbook and more. The workshop can take from 2 to 7 hours, in-house or off-site, for smaller or larger groups.

Happiness Champions Training

The zipped essence of the Happiness Improvement Program within a day

The Happiness Champions Training is for those who are aiming to create a happy performance organisational or governance culture, and want to gain a certification connected to it. Many champions and leaders look to the Human Quality Movement as a way to change their organisation’s culture to one that is more human, pro-active, confident, and customer-oriented. However, they often have little idea about how to achieve a positive and successful culture change.
The Happiness Champions Training gives senior leaders the tools necessary to ensure the long-term success of the Happiness Improvement Programs through a strong culture-shift approach. The successful Happiness Improvement Program has several key aspects as senior leadership support, appropriate resource allocation and a long-term vision.

Happy Midset workshops are performed by Green Belt Trainers or higher certified consultants.