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The Belt System


Our strategies are unique in drawing on extensive research into especially positive psychology - happy mindset and awareness intelligence- together with the well-proven change approach of the Human Quality Movement inspired by the Industrial Quality Movement of SixSigma & Lean.

Similarly, we call it a Belt System.


The Belt System is a series of trainings for trainers built on each other.

Each of these levels has a training period and a certification period. Fulfilling the criteria, the applicant receives the certification and is authorized to apply the trainings in its work that are connected to their certification levels. Having reasonable practice in their trainings, the trainers may apply for the next training level. To ensure the highest quality of the trainers, the acceptance of their application is based on the fulfillment of objective criteria and subjective judgment of their readiness by the consultant they apply for the next level of training. It is not sufficient if an apple has a grown form of an apple, it has to be ripen as well. 


Belt trainings involve residential trainings – usually two times four days per belt level –, that is followed by e-learning from HC’s e-learning material, personal desk research, suggested readings. We also enhance development with webinars and peer learning. During the learning period, the candidate gets a personal coaching and feedback about the areas to be developed for getting prepared for the certification talk. After the certification process the trainer gets experience in the training level she/he obtained, and further on may ask for advice from her/his trainer if she/he is ready to proceed with the next training level.


We keep a worldwide database of trainers that ensures that trainers can take part on their next level of training anywhere in the world where HC has operation.



Belt training contents


Green Belt - first half (GB 1H)


Trainees first earn about individual happiness. During a four-day residential Train-the-Trainer program they gain a knowledge that focuses on personal level happy mindset levels – especially the body, systemic view and contentment  –, and learning personal focused methods which are on the level of behavior. They immediately dive into Awarenes Intelligence and learn the mental etrainment tool to dissolve / heal their traumas themselves. 'Before we wipe out the house we take the trash out.' They also apply the Happiness App (iphone application) to teach the measurement and the way of consciously changing mental balance levels.


This prepares them to perform the standardised Happy Mindset 1. training. The residential training is followed by their individual desk research, e-learning and suggested reading. After perfecting the Individual Happiness certification and having gained experience in transmitting their knowledge, they are welcomed to step to the first level of the Belt System.


Green Belt - second half (GB 2H)


During a six-days residential Train-the-Trainer program, the Green Belt trainees obtain the knowledge of improving motivation by engagement tools, sustaining it with well-being tools. They learn the application of social & interpersonal awareness and relationship theraphy with a heart-brain coherence.

'Hero archetypes become magicians'.

Their residential training is followed by their own additional home-learning process.


We invite individual trainers to spread the message of happiness to all who are interested. Becoming Happiness Certified Trainers allows them to perform the standardised trainings: Happy Mindset 1 & 2 Training. Similarly we invite consulting and training agencies to become Happiness Certified Agencies. They enjoy full client protection; the Clients they performed Happy Mindset trainings may exclusively continue working with our Happiness Certified Agency on Happy Mindset training levels. In case tailor-made trainings or happiness assessment is required, Happiness Consulting consultants offer direct support, under the project leadership of the Happiness Certified Agency.




Black Belt  (BB)


Green Belt certified Trainers are trained and supported by Black Belt certified Consultants. Within a eight-days training, they understand the qualities of different types of leadership approaches, consult leaders and pointing on the synergies they are able to create harmony between them. Focusing on understanding Process & Tendency Awareness they learn to loosen the grip of their deep habitual ideas, cognitive biases resulted by their cultural DNA, and so they become able to manage high complexity. They learn direcly about how consciousness works, the interconnections between mind and matter. They learn to train their mental resilience to happiness in any moment they choose by the application of the Open & Curiously Engaged Awareness style. They become so stable and equipped with resilience, that they are able to 'face black on any levels and select the useful white way'; 'magician archetypes become sages'.


The Black Belts are trained to perform assessment-based tailor-made Happiness Improvement Programs – as the key element of Human Quality movement.


From Black Belt level we call our colleagues Consultants.


Our Clients' Happiness Representatives are critical for the Happiness Improvement Program implementation, because they are the key to create a positive (socio-)cultural shift. They are members of the organisation and perform programs only there. They can reach even the Black Belt certification, get the Happiness Master certification and perform tailor-made trainings and assessment at their organisation.

Similarly, we invite educators to become Happiness Master Educators, when they wish to perform Happiness courses or semesters within their educational institute.




Master Black Belt (MBB)


'The Black and any associations connected to it are transformed into white.'

When Black Belts have demonstrated a proclivity for happy mindset and awareness intelligence improvement, and when they are self-starters, self-reliant to a reasonable extent and have put in the time commensurate with the task, they are considered for additional eight-days training as Master Black Belts. They are experientially getting aware of subtleties of reality and human perceptions and they practice to gain deeper access to-, harmonize their brain hemispheres, increase the percentage of their brain and DNA they use, and train to deeply understand consciousness by Open & Curiously Engaged Awareness.


Black Belt certified consultants, at an operational level, are supported by Master Black Belt certified consultants. The relationship between Master Black Belts, Black Belts and Green Belts is well understood due to the intuitive nature of the titles. 




Belt training methods


Trainers and Consultants are expected to be intrinsically motivated self-learners. Next to residential training days we provide electronic and e-learning material, that includes useful search words for their desk research. We provide webinars on the upates. Peer learning and peer coaching is done by electronic conversations with their trainers. Certain tasks MBBs meet require a level of complexity that needs to meet with project management skills and overview about project documentation. All levels of trainings have a list of recommended books. Learning commitments are applied on each levels. 




Our trainings are improving as dynamically as the world around us. In the stream of new scientific researches within happy mindset science and awareness of consciousness, we keep our Happy Mindset Training methodology and materials up-to date. We require that the trainers we certified “stay in the loop”, be in a live and active contact with us and implement the training and concept upgrades we provide. We send updates by email and share the latest updates by web conferences. To ensure the reliability of commonly performed trainings, we provide trainer certifications for one-year period, which are prolonged for another year in case our trainers follow the updates.